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Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

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List of Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom Hearts III Guide and Walkthrough

Sora can use many Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts 3. On this page of the guide, you'll find a full list of all of the weapons in the game, including the description of how to get them.

Keyblades Name - List of Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 - Basics - Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

Keyblade's Name


Additional Ability

How to get?

Kingdom Key

Strength: 4

Magic: 3

Treasure Magnet

Default weapon.

Hero's Origin

Strength: 5

Magic: 2


Complete Olympus.

Shooting Star

Strength: 3

Magic: 5

Treasure Magnet

Complete Twilight Town.

Favorite Deputy

Strength: 6

Magic: 3

Lucky Strike

Complete Toy Box.

Ever After

Strength: 2

Magic: 7

Leaf Bracer

Complete Kingdom of Corona.

Happy Gear

Strength: 7

Magic: 3

Focus Converter

Complete Monstropolis.

Crystal Snow

Strength: 4

Magic: 7

Freeze Protection

Complete Arendelle.

Wheel of Fate

Strength: 8

Magic: 5


Complete The Caribbean.

Nano Gear

Strength: 7

Magic: 5

Stun Protecion

Complete San Fransokyo.


Strength: 4

Magic: 4

MP haste

Complete Keyblade Graveyard.

Hunny Spout

Strength: 6

Magic: 5


Complete 100 Acre Woods.

Classic Notes

Strength: 11

Magic: 4

MP Haste x3

Collect and beat all of the 23 Classic Kingdom Mini Games.

Ultima Weapon

Strength: 13

Magic: 13

Combo Boost, Air Combo Boot, Situation Boost

Check out the dedicated section in our guide.

Midnight Blue

Strength: 4

Magic: 4

Blizzaga, Blizzard Up

Pre-order bonus for PS4.

Phantom Green

Strength: 4

Magic: 4

Thundaga, Thunder Up

Pre-order bonus for Xbox one.

Dawn Till Dusk

Strength: 4

Magic: 4

Firaga, Fire Up

Pre-order bonus for Amazon.

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