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Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

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Combat in Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom Hearts III Guide and Walkthrough

When it comes to combat, Kingdom Hearts 3 is very similar to the previous entries (with small additions). The veterans of the series will feel at home - the controls, the interface and many of the gameplay mechanics are taken from the previous games. As for those who are new to the franchise, we have prepared a short guide on how to fight in the game.

Note - The in-game tutorial will help you learn how to fight. Follow its instructions if you have problems with some of the fights.

Combat basics in Kingdom Hearts 3

Commands are displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen - Combat in Kingdom Hearts 3 - Basics - Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

Commands are displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen. Thanks to them, you can order Sora to do various actions. Attack allows you to hit enemies with the Keyblade - Sora will keep attacking the enemy you are currently targeting. Use the lock-on to lock the camera on a specific target - this is very useful when your enemy is agile.

Also, your character can roll and block attacks. Remember about these moves since your character has a specific number of health points (the green bar in the bottom right corner of the screen).

Every defeated enemy drops orbs. Depending on their color, you can get a certain amount of Munny (in-game currency), recover your HP/MP, and even get items. Always try to collect them.

Besides regular attacks, Sora can also use magic - Combat in Kingdom Hearts 3 - Basics - Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

Besides regular attacks, Sora can also use magic. With time, you will learn more and more powerful magic spells - all of them cost a certain number of magic points. Healing and elemental spells are especially useful.

From time to time, you will get a chance to use special attacks which can allow you to, e.g. perform combined attacks with Donald or Goofy, use a new form, or attack enemies with a unique attack. Pay attention to the Commands and use special attacks to make fights easier.

With time, you will unlock new mechanics, e.g. summoning other characters, Keyblade transformations, link attacks, and attractions. Luckily, every gameplay mechanic is explained by the game - check the in-game tutorials to read about these mechanics.

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