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Jurassic World Evolution Game Guide by

Jurassic World Evolution Game Guide

Table of Contents

Interface of Jurassic World Evolution Jurassic World Evolution Guide and Walkthrough

This short chapter will allow you get acquainted with the interface in Jurassic World Evolution. Some arrangement of objects and some functions and buildings are unintuitively arranged - this chapter will allow you to overcome these difficulties.

In this tab you will find all the information you need - Interface of Jurassic World Evolution - Basics - Jurassic World Evolution Game Guide

1. Control Room

In this tab you will find all the information you need. At this point you have access to research, finance, ranking, the number of arriving tourists, database, maps of islands, as well as a map of the expedition and sample warehouse.

2. Map

This is the place where we see the form of a simplified map, with marked squares of buildings and with marked dinosaurs.

3. Management views

A tab that is a complement to the first two tabs. Here you can explore the view range of tourists, the range of power and the state of your power plants, the range of protection against the storm. Here you can see where there is a demand for stores, food and which buildings bring you losses/profits.

4. Enclosures

The Enclosures tab is a typical "dinosaur" tab - here you can find all the things you need for the catwalk: gates, fences, live fences, feeders with food (bushes, trees, meat and live bait). Here you can also choose buildings that allow tourists to watch the dinosaurs.

5. Operations

Operations tab - a tab with buildings that support the effect of your park. Here you can find the operational buildings of the units in the Jeep and the ACU Helicopter. Here you can also find objects capable of protecting against storms, shelters and scientific facilities.

6. Guests

Here are objects typical for guests - booths with food, restaurants, objects for playing games, souvenir shops and monorail stations.

7. Power

Here you can find buildings responsible for energy production and its distribution (pylon, substation).

8. Paths

Thanks to this tab it is possible to build roads for visitors. Remember that every building must be connected by a road.

9. Landscaping

Demigod mode - this tool will allow you to change the terrain, create forests and lakes.

10. Demolish

Demolish is nothing but the destruction mode of buildings.

11. Notifications

Here appear all the notifications and information about recent events such as the return of the team of diggers from the mission.

12. Missions

Here are the missions that you have to complete along with any conditions you have to fulfill.

13. Money

The current state of your account, in dollars.

14. Rating

The rating of your park - the higher it is, the more willing will people be to visit the park. It is often a condition to unblock the next islands.

15. Reputation

Here you can see the amount of reputation points in each development tree, from the left: learning, entertainment and security.

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