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Jurassic World Evolution Game Guide by

Jurassic World Evolution Game Guide

Table of Contents

General Tips for Jurassic World Evolution Jurassic World Evolution Guide and Walkthrough

This chapter contains general tips for start with. It will allow you to get familiar with Jurassic World Evolution and draw your attention to some issues.

  1. Try to maintain the highest possible comfort level of dinosaurs. Otherwise, they will start demolishing the fence and will try to escape (herbivores too - you don't want to see them go).
  2. Always build a building that provides a unit in a Jeep. Thanks to this, you can fight the epidemic, photograph dinosaurs, repair damage in the park and supplement food.
  3. A building that provides a unit in a helicopter can be useful, especially as a transport or rapid response unit. Build and have a helicopter in reserve.
  4. First you should invent technologies that prevent epidemics. Thanks to this, you will be able to act quickly when a plague begins to spread. Otherwise, the dinosaurs will die.
  5. Send your people for expeditions, thanks to this you will have additional income and the possibility of expanding the genome of dinosaurs.
  6. Build service facilities, e.g. a store with clothes or fast-food. Although they don't generate a great income, they influence the assessment of your park.
  7. Tourists visiting your park are simply lazy - try to build quite tightly, if you are expanding extensively with many places for dinosaurs' catwalks - take care of the appropriate transport and place the stores nearby.
  8. Make sure that every catwalk for dinosaurs has grasslands, some water and a forest. Don't forget about places for eating for them (pieces of meat or bushes - Enclosure tab).
  9. Ensure adequate visibility of dinosaurs - preferably that the entire catwalks are covered with observation zones for tourists. In this way you will raise the rating of your park.
  10. Keep carnivores and herbivores separated - otherwise, carnivores will start to kill the herbivore population.
  11. Try to have at least two individuals from the same species (e.g. 2 Triceratops). Lone representatives of their species tend to get angry and aren't able to contact anyone. Having at least two individuals eliminates the threat of dinosaur's anger and the destruction of the fence. Control the level of comfort, population and social life.
  12. Build a Storm defense - thanks to that, a weather breakdown will not damage your park.
  13. Try to build shelters, which will allow you to evacuate tourists, when a storm comes or a dinosaur runs away (unless you are trying to get an achievement related to the attack of a carnivore on a tourist).
  14. You can have up to three missions at the same time - whenever you have the opportunity, try to ask for missions.
  15. Try to max out your reputation in one of three branches: science, entertainment or security. This will give you the option to build an object that will increase your income based on your reputation points in the tree.
  16. Use keyboard shortcuts - when you have to react quickly, for example when a dinosaur escapes, use the shortcut R (for choosing a Jeep) or T (for choosing a helicopter).
  17. Use building improvements; invent new improvements and buildings. You can implement new improvements by clicking on the building and entering the improvements tab. New upgrades take extra power, remember this.
  18. Use genome modification - this will allow you to increase the rating of your dinosaurs and your entire park.
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