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Into the Breach Game Guide by

Into the Breach Game Guide

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Into the Breach: Beginner's Guide, tips Into the Breach Guide & Walkthrough

How to proceed with my first game? How to play? Study these tips which should facilitate your first contact with the game.

  1. Study your abilities - aside from dealing damage, your units can shove your opponents and are often equipped with passive skills. Study them and use during combat.
  2. Don't be afraid to undo your movements. You may have pressed the wrong tile or decided to recall your move. You can rewind your actions (movement only) any time you please.
  3. Use the terrain modifiers. Every battle map contains squares with additional modifiers. You can push opponents to water or fire squares, killing them instantly - this tactic does not work on flying enemies.
  4. Make use of random events. The battle map is often influenced by random events such as volcano eruption, air support, or electrical discharges. Use them by pushing the opponents into event squares. Use the fact that all random events (aside from a rocket start) are activated at the beginning of the enemy turn.
  5. If you cannot kill an opponent - shove him away. You'll often be thrown into a situation where your opponents have the numerological advantage and you won't be able to kill them all during a single turn. If you can see that in the next turn the opponent will engage civilian buildings or additional targets, try to push him away from their tiles.
  6. Collisions. The opponents can be shoved on other enemies or mountains, dealing damage as a result of the unit's collision with the nearby objects. This also works on allied units. You can proceed the same with civilian buildings, but be ready to face the consequences - the building may not survive such attack.
  7. Allied units. You'll often be forced to defend allied artillery or tanks (as a bonus objective). You can also control them and use them to kill enemies. Defend such units and utilize them.
  8. Make use of tactical blocking of the opponents appearing in the next turn. All you have to do is to stand in a place where an enemy is to emerge from the ground. You can also push your opponents there. Blocking a unit takes 1 health point and makes enemy units unable to enter combat. This tactic is especially viable when the field is filled with enemy units and you aren't sure that you'll be able to defend the civilian buildings from them.
  9. Losing a mech does not end the game. The unit won't be able to take part in combat to the end of the battle, while the pilot dies. Pilots are acquired through picking up the appearing Time Pods. (mech upgrades are also acquired from Time Pods).
  10. Choose a right pilot. You can choose a Time Traveller before commencing a campaign. Each pilot has different passive skills and statistics.
  11. Upgrade your mechs sensibly. You can spend your reputation points in the shop to upgrade your mechs. Pay attention to the fact that buying new weapons is not always recommended - sometimes it is better to upgrade the mech or his weapon, increasing the damage dealt, the amount of health points, or mech's effective range. You need to spend all of your reputation points after every island, otherwise, the points are lost.
  12. Make use of keyboard shortcuts and tooltips. Press ALT to lit the enemy units' order of attack and use it to make them attack their allies. Point your cursor to a unit and press CTRL to display the description of a unit, its attributes, and movement range. You can point the cursor to enemy units to learn of its target and the damage dealt. Almost any element displays a tooltip when pointed at with the mouse.
  13. Choose the next mission according to its reward. Each mission offers different rewards, such as reputation points, grid points, Time Pods, Power Cores or a mix of the aforementioned items.
  14. Test your mechs. You don't have to test the units in battle. While on the campaign map, choose any of your units and click on Test Mech.
  15. Don't be afraid to take damage provided if the bonus objectives do not require so. The health levels of your mechs are back to the maximum with each ended battle. Coordinate the damage with the remaining time needed to win the battle in order to learn how much and how often you can take damage.
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