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inFamous: Second Son Game Guide & Walkthrough by

inFamous: Second Son Game Guide & Walkthrough

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How to complete the game in 100%? | Walkthrough inFamous: SS Guide

inFamous: Second Son does not grant you with any additional reward, (e.g. a trophy or karma points) for the 100% completion, but it informs you of your current progress, thanks to which you will know how close you are to the end of your endeavors. The percentage progress is displayed in the save game and load game windows. .

The following count as a basis for calculation of the percentage progress:

  • Completing of main missions in the story mode.
  • Destroying of interference devices and mobile command centers.
  • Completing of additional activities connected with restricting the control of the D.U.P. forces, over the individual city districts (shard finding, painting of graffiti, finding of agents, etc.).
  • Winning of battles connected with seizing absolute control over the successive city districts.

However, the following ARE NOT included:

  • Completion of randomly generated side missions (pacifying of protests against bio-terrorists, neutralization of drug traffickers, etc.).
  • Collecting of trophies which are not connected with the storyline nor with seizing control over districts (e.g. slamming the ground from great heights or dealing with opponents in an unconventional way).

The important piece of information is that the percentage of progression is measured for the karmic path that you selected at the beginning of the game. And so, if you are playing as the hero, the progression percentage will not decline if you miss the missions connected with the villain path. This, of course, means that you can complete the game, in 100%, two times - once for the hero character and once for the villain character.

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