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Imperator Rome Guide

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Types of governments in Imperator Rome Imperator Rome Guide And Tips

Every country or nation in Imperator: Rome has its own system of governance. Each type of government has a unique set of characteristics that will have an impact on your nation.

Governments always consist of a nation's leader - his perls and stats incluence the whole country. The amount of power points you receive depends on the your leader's statistics. The higher the statis, the more power points you receive, so it's best to enthrone the best possible candidate. Additionally, each character has special perks that affect the entire country, e.g. increased human resources or reduced tax income.

Each type of government also has slots for national ideas, which are divided into four categories and connected with power points. Each national idea has different bonuses, which are thematically related to a given group. You can change these ideas at any time if you spend oratory points. Each political system has its own national ideas for a specific power point group - this way you'll get an extra bonus for your nation. Usually these will be special modifiers and additional power points.

There are 3 types of governments in the game:

  • Settled tribes. This type of government is most characteristic of barbarian tribes. They have two slots for ideas. A leader rules all their life, and the most important persons in the country often have their own armies, which are loyal to them. If the loyalty of such a character drops, there are often revolts. Such tribes have a centralization factor that affects the development of your country.
  • Monarchy. This is a popular type of rule. It has three slots for national ideas. The leader will rule until their death, and then a contender will take over. If an another contender gains popularity, the support of other characters and the country's population, a civil war for the succession of power may occur.
  • The Republic. The division of power is shared between two elements: the Senate and the Consul. The latter is the actual leader of the state, but rules for a certain period of time. Every now and then there are elections and the candidate of the faction that has the most senators comes to power. Each faction in power provides its own bonuses. The republics have different subtypes, which can be changed by means of decisions, e.g. plutocratic or theocratic. Each subtype has different slots for ideas, but there are always three of them.
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