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Imperator Rome Guide

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Trade routes and trade goods in Imperator Rome Imperator Rome Guide And Tips

Trade is very useful if you want to strengthen your country and ensure the prosperity of its citizen. In Imperator: Rome trade routes and special trade goods have a slightly different impact on the game than in the previous installment. In the following guide you will learn everything about trade and trading with other nations.

Every Trade Good gives bonuses to various stats of your town and is necessary if you want your nation to function properly. Use trade routes to import resources which will allow you to train and recruit new types of units. These resources can also make your citizens happier or more efficient. They can also increase your diplomatic reputation or speed up researches. Some of the inventions can increase the number of established trade routes and the policy towards provinces.

The following 5 categories of goods can be distinguished:

  • Strategic - must be available in the province to create certain types of military units such as Elephants or Iron.
  • Military - affect the quality of the army and increase its effectiveness.
  • Growth Goods - thanks to these goods you will provide your residents with the right conditions for development, such as grain. Remember that a large population will be receive a penalty to development, so grain is necessary not only to increase the number of inhabitants, but also to maintain a large population.
  • Population Goods - these goods will provide bonuses to happiness and productivity. It will also reduce the risk of rebellion in a given region.
  • Technology and Economy - this category includes goods that provide bonuses to taxes, trade, loyalty, civilization level and technology.

You need 35 Civic Points to establish a trade route. You also need a region or a nation that has an excess of a given resource. You can import goods only from those nations that have a neutral or friendly relationship with yours. Open the menu where you can establish a new trade route - the game will suggest possible trade routes. You can't import goods from nations located far away.

Trade takes place between provinces and not individual cities. The exception is when the area of your country is smaller than a province or consists of only one city. You can also export resources or request a trade agreements from another country, which will allow you to import a specific type of goods. Additionally, establishing international trade routes will increase the income from commerce.

Each city can produce 1 unit of a given resource, but each group of 15 slaves will yield an additional unit - Trade routes and trade goods in Imperator Rome - Basic tips - Imperator Rome Guide

Each city can produce 1 unit of a given resource, but each group of 15 slaves will yield an additional unit. The surplus can be exported. You can also leave a surplus in the province, so you can earn a lesser bonus for that particular resource in addition to the main bonus. If you have a surplus of a given resource in the capital, you will receive a special bonus for your nation.

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