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Imperator Rome Guide

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Gold, resources and power points in Imperator Rome Imperator Rome Guide And Tips

Every nation has access to the same pool of resources that are necessary to develop and retain power in Imperator: Rome. You will acquire and spend the following resources. Our guide describes the resources and materials you will need to acquire in order to survive in the brutal world of Imperator: Rome.

Gold - necessary for expansion, recruitment of troops, maintaining an army, paying your officials or for various diplomatic actions - Gold, resources and power points in Imperator Rome - Basic tips - Imperator Rome Guide

Gold - necessary for expansion, recruitment of troops, maintaining an army, paying your officials or for various diplomatic actions. Gold will be useful for bribing an army of enemies or barbarians. In a crisis situation, you can spend gold to get power points. However, this is a very expensive exchange, although sometimes it may be necessary.

Human Resources - this number determines the amount of recruits that able to join your ranks or replenish your losses after a battle. This resource is very important during every war. Take your time to develop your provinces and build barracks in densely populated areas if you plan on conquering other territories and having an aggressive foreign policy.

Stability - this is a variable factor, spanning between -3 and +3. It shows how stable the situation in your country is, the higher the value, the safer it is and the better for the people. Thanks to this, you will receive bonuses to development, taxes and human resources. A negative value will impact the stability of the state, the loyalty of the people, taxes and will increase unrest in the provinces.

Power system points are a very important and valuable resource in your country. You can get them in several ways. Same as in Europa Universalis 4, power points depend to a large extent on the attributes of your ruler, king or other leader.

  • Military - "Virtus". You will use these points mainly to acquire new military traditions and to use the special skills of your units. The number of points you obtained depends on the Martial attribute of your ruler. You spend Military points on building roads, hiring mercenaries or building military colonies.
  • Civic - "Gravitas". Thanks to these points, you will acquire new inventions, create new trade routes and influence the population of the province. The Finesse attribute of your ruler affects the increase of these points. It is also necessary for interacting with the populations of your towns and provinces.
  • Oratory - "Dignitas". This type of points will be useful for various diplomatic actions, such as improving relations with other countries, fabricating rights to territories of other nations, and so on. If your leader has a high Charisma, you will gain more oratory points. Besides various diplomatic decisions, Oratory points can also be spent on changing laws in your country, national ideas, assimilating the locals or promoting them to a higher social class.
  • Religious - "Pietas". The last type of power points will help you to influence people to join your religion, summon omens, increase stability and influence other religious aspects of your country. The number of these points depends on the level of your Zeal attribute.

The amount of gained power points depends on your leader's skills but also on random factors, certain laws or traditions. You will often have to spend some points from a given category to deal with unexpected events. Try to always have a few points at your disposal to be able to deal with these situations. Power points are extremely valuable - you can't substitute them with other resources. You should always be investing in something, building or developing either your territory or technology. Power points can be acquired with gold but they cost quite a lot.

Remember - if all national ideas match their slots, you will gain additional power points.

Stability - a variable factor, spanning between values of -3 and +3. Informs you about the stability of your nation - the higher the value, the safer the nation. A positive value has a positive impact on taxes, gives you more civic points, increases the population and improves the relations with nations that are your subjects. A negative value has a negative impact on the stability of your nation, loyalty of characters, taxes, and it increases dissent in your provinces. You can increase stability by making a sacrifice which requires religious points (religion tab). The higher the value, the more gold you will pay. Stability can be increased or decreased by special events or decisions. Try to keep stability at zero or a positive level.

Negative stability isn't recommended - it raises dissent and reduces loyalty of all the characters.

Aggressive expansion. This is a negative factor. The more negative decisions you make towards other nations, the more points you will get. The most common way of getting these points is to declare war on someone without stating a reason, conquering lands without having the right Claim, etc. This value goes down to zero over time. You can also use certain technologies and upgrades to speed up this process. High Aggressive Expansion level has a negative impact on diplomacy and can encourage other nations to attack you.

Tyranny. A negative factor but it has its advantages. You get it by making populistic and authoritarian actions, e.g. increasing support for a particular political faction. Tyranny affects the happiness of your citizens and the loyalty of the characters. On the other hand, it increases the productiveness of your slaves. Some decisions require a specific Tyranny level, e.g. proclaiming dictatorship. You will probably avoid increasing this factor through the majority of the game - it will make your playthrough more difficult.

Corruption. This value isn't displayed on the main interface. However, every character has a certain Corruption value. If your ruler has a lot of Corruption points, you will have to spend more gold and power points on almost everything. Some inventions, laws and random events can reduce this value.

If you don't remember what a given resource is for, just point the cursor at it and after a while you will see a short description of what it is for and what you can use it for.

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