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Imperator Rome Guide

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Carthage nation - how to play in Imperator Rome? Imperator Rome Guide And Tips

Carthage is another of the famous powers of Antiquity in Imperator: Rome. You will begin to rule this country in its golden age.

Carthage starts in a fairly strong position - Carthage nation - how to play in Imperator Rome? - Nations - Imperator Rome Guide

Carthage starts in a fairly strong position. It directly controls a vast territory. Many small states are in alliance with Carthage. Also, the geographical location is very conducive to the development and protection of its territory. While playing Carthage a great emphasis should be put on the development and maintenance of the fleet. Thanks to sea domination, you can keep your strength.

Start with the expansion of cities and support local commerce. You have numerous trading resources that are worth selling to the surrounding nations. You have an excellent defensive position, most opponents will have to sail in order to reach your lands. Therefore, you need to invest in a strong fleet. The biggest rivals will be Rome and Egypt, but be careful and stay alert on other nations of North Africa. It is necessary to make friends with them or begin an attack to save yourself from trouble in the "rear". Thanks to this, you will be able to gradually strengthen your position, and repel enemies at sea.

The easiest way to begin expansion to the West. The nations which reside there won't have too many options to seek support. Therefore, the West coast of Africa is easy to conquer and relatively safe. Then focus on the territory of Spain and conquer local areas part after part. The invasion of Egypt or Rome will expose you to other enemies and unnecessarily increase the number of threats to your inhabitants.

Carthage has easy access for elephants - ancient tanks. Their strength on the battlefield is displayed in each skirmish. They can easily cope with the enemy infantry. After all, it is necessary to have other units in the army and make a comprehensive military force. It is best to recruit units that will cope with archers, which are the biggest threat to elephants.

The system that reigns in Carthage is the Republic. It is necessary to observe the support of senators for this faction. When a given party is in power, your nation receives a special bonus, such as discounts on city expansion or a discipline bonus for all your units. Be careful that the bias of populists does not get to power, otherwise all costs will increase (amount of power points). On the other hand, this faction, the high level of tyranny and the great popularity of the ruler can contribute to a change of government into a dictatorship. There are as many as 4 slots for state ideas, so you can flexibly manage your state.

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