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Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide by

Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide

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Immortals Fenyx Rising: Blessings Guide Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, walkthrough

On this page of the guide to Immortals Fenyx Rising, you will learn about blessings, how to unlock them, and which ones are worth prioritizing.

Blessings are a feature that strengthens your character through completing the main story missions. Some will improve your survivability, while others will help you in fights more directly. These are mostly passive skills that do not need to be individually activated.

There are 4 types of Blessings available; each type contains 3 specific Blessings, giving a total of 12 Blessings for your character to unlock. You can unlock them by completing the main missions. After you complete them all, you will unlock all 3 blessings of a given kind.

Aphrodite's Blessing mainly improves your survivability - Immortals Fenyx Rising: Blessings - Basics - Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide

Aphrodite's Blessing

Aphrodite's Blessing mainly improves your survivability. Every 20 in-game minutes, your character can be reborn with full health if he dies. In addition, if you are hit once, your combo counter will not reset. After drinking a potion you will gain a shield for a short moment, which will absorb some of the damage dealt to you.

Ares' Blessing

Ares will empower your offensive capabilities and generally help you in combat. This help comes in the form of an improved combo meter. The Blessing can reset the use of a jump in midair when you are performing a combo in the air; moreover, it will improve your damage when your meter shows 84 attacks.

Hephaestus' Blessing

This Blessing is characterized by the fact that it amplifies your ability to deal AOE (area of effect) damage at the moment when you execute a perfect parry or dodge. In addition, it increases the damage you deal when performing combo attacks. It is definitely worth taking an interest in this Blessing as soon as possible.

Athena's Blessing

Athena will enhance your skills with a bow, allowing you to recover lost arrows much faster. In addition, you can aim at your opponents for longer in order to deal much greater damage. If you rarely use the bow in battle, it is recommended to acquire this Blessing as the last one.

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