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Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide by

Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide

Table of Contents

Override | Gameplay mechanics Horizon Zero Dawn Guide

How to override machines and why can't I override some machines? We present reasons!

In this chapter you can find tips for overriding machines. Each topic is discussed in a separate section.

How to override a machine?

During the game Aloy gets an item that allows her to take control over machines that she comes across. The process is similar to the one when you override a mountable machine but there are a few important differences in the gameplay mechanics.

In order to override a machine you must get closer to it stealthy and then use the spear to override it. If a machines notices you, you can still override it but when it starts to treat you as a danger then you can't override it.

In this case you must immobilize it by using the Ropecaster or a heavy attack and then you can override it. You can also use shock but remember that you will weaken the machine which can influence its usefulness.

Why do I need to override machines?

A machine that you dominated won't follow you directly or listen to your orders. However, if you are close to a dominated machine and another one attacks you then the dominated machine will use all of its weapons to defend you.

You should also remember that a dominated machine can attack other enemies which reveals your position.

In the early parts of the game a machine can be your ally only for a limited time but by developing your skills connected with domination you can extend this time. Of course, if you are far away from a machine it goes back to its normal state and will become hostile. The same can happen when you attack a dominated machine.

Why can't I override some machines?

All information about overriding a machine can be found in the machine catalogue. - Override | Gameplay mechanics - Gameplay mechanics - Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide
All information about overriding a machine can be found in the machine catalogue.

The machines in Horizon Zero Dawn are assigned to specific codes which, in the game, are called Cauldrons. If you want to override a machine you must first solve a puzzle of a Cauldron connected to a given group of machines and override said Cauldron's Core. By doing that you get the information about taking control over particular machines.

There are five Cauldrons in the game - PSI, KSI, RO, SIGMA and ZETA. After completing The Womb of the Mountain quest you get the access to Cauldron PSI data. Other Cauldrons must be completed on your own. Their locations and walkthroughs can be found in the dedicated chapters of this guide.

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