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Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide by

Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide

Table of Contents

How to unlock trophy "All allies joined" in Horizon Zero Dawn?

In this chapter you will find advice that will help you to unlock the trophy "All allies joined". It is one of the hidden story trophies. Obtaining it requires you to complete many story and side missions and fulfilling special conditions.

What's worth adding is that completion of quests rewarded with this trophy isn't required for completing the main plot of the game - even in case of story missions. The solution to each quests described here can be found in separate chapters of the guide. The chapter contains spoilers - in order to avoid them, check only the bolded phrases.

Main missions

Here you will find a list of main missions required for unlocking this trophy.

Nora's plot:

  1. The War Chief Trail
  2. Revenge of the Nora

The missions are related to another trophy - Victorious with the War-chief

Erend's plot:

  1. Field of the Fallen
  2. Into the Borderlands
  3. The Sun Shall Fall

The missions are related to another trophy - Saved Meridian from its foe

Side quests

Here you will find a list of side quests needed for unlocking this trophy.

Defectors' plot:

  1. Traitor's Bounty
  2. Queen's Gambit

The missions are related to another trophy - Aided the defectors

Hunter's Lodge plot:

  1. Hunting for the Lodge
  2. Hunter's Blind
  3. Deadliest Game
  4. Redmaw

The missions are related to another trophy - Hunted Redmaw with Talanah


  1. A Moment's Peace
  2. A Daughter's Vengeance
  3. Honor the Fallen
  4. Sun and Shadow
  5. Sunstone Rock
  6. Heap of Trouble

How to receive the trophy?

All of the above mentioned missions must be completed before starting quest Deep Secrets of Earth. If you complete this mission first, then you can lose access to some quests required for obtaining this trophy.

Some missions can be still available if you complete the above mention quest first. In that case you must complete all remaining tasks before starting mission The Looming Shadow. During this mission you will be taking care of preparations for the final battle with Hades. Go to the Meridian gate and on the Spire. In both these places you will encounter characters related to previously mentioned missions. In order to find them all you should use Focus - they aren't clearly visible.

Once you speak with everyone, go to Olin in Meridian and go to sleep - How to unlock trophy All allies joined in Horizon Zero Dawn? - FAQ - Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide

Once you speak with everyone, go to Olin in Meridian and go to sleep. The trophy should be unlocked during the cutscene that finishes this quest.

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