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Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide by

Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide

Table of Contents

Hunting for the Lodge - errand | Meridian side quests Horizon Zero Dawn Guide

This chapter is a complete guide for Hunting for the Lodge errand. Here you can find tips that will help you to finish this quest in the most beneficial way.

Activating the quest

This quest is added to your journal after a conversation with one of the hunters on Meridian streets - Hunting for the Lodge - errand | Meridian side quests - Meridian - Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide

This quest is added to your journal after a conversation with one of the hunters on Meridian streets. Go to Hunter Lodge in Meridian to continue the quest.

If you didn't complete all three challenges for any hunting ground then you won't be able to enter the building. Ligan will stop you near the door and he lets you pass only when you finish one of the hunting grounds on, at least, medium level (Half Sun). When you do that, the mission is updated and you can return here to continue the quest.

Find a sponsor

When Aloy is worthy of entering the Lodge's building she is immediately informed that she can't become a member until she finds a sponsor.

Follow the marker and you will find Ahsis. From the conversation with the man you learn which member of the Lodge can become Aloy's sponsor. Your next step is to find that person.

From the conversation with Tanalah you learn exactly what you must do so the Lodge's members will take your candidature seriously. It turns out that you must defeat three Sawtooths, two Ravagers and one Stalker. Each of the machines gives you a trophy after defeating them. you must deliver those trophies as an evidence for successful hunting which means that you must not only defeat them but also search their bodies.

Get the trophies

Remember to have this quest activated in your journal and go to the places pointed by the marker. Hunting those machines won't be easy but you should, eventually, succeed. All of the required machines are vulnerable to fire which can be used during your hunts.

In the Sawtooth's nest you will find only two machines. This means that you must to the second point. The same goes for the Ravagers. In each of the nests you will find only one machine. The hardest part is the Stalker's nest. There are three machines and they will attack you simultaneously. After killing one of them run to the body, search it and use fast travel option to go to the safe place.

Finishing the quest

When you manage to get all trophies, go back to the Lodge. Give Ahsis your trophies to complete this quest.

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