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Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide by

Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide

Table of Contents

A Daughter's Vengance | Mother's Rise side quests Horizon Zero Dawn Guide

This chapter is a complete guide for A Daughter's Vengeance side quest. Here you can find tips that will help you to finish this quest in the most beneficial way.

Activating the quest

This quest is added to your journal after you speak with Yan. He can be met in Mother's Rise village. Yan asks you to find his sister that went after their father's killer.

Find the trail

First, you must go to Mothers Crown location - A Daughters Vengance | Mothers Rise side quests - Mothers Rise - Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide

First, you must go to Mother's Crown location. There, speak with the woman called Solai. You can find her near the village's northern gate. During the conversation you learn that Naoka went to Daytower.

The aforementioned fort is the cross-border gate between Nora and Carja lands. To complete this quest you must first complete A Seeker at the Gates main quest. Otherwise, you won't be able to enter Daytower.

In Daytower, you must contact with one of the guard commanders. When you enter the fort go right and up the stairs. Zaid can be found near the table with maps. During the conversation you can learn that Naoka tried to kill him but in the end she was captured and let free. Zaid believes that she could be a victim of bandits whose hideout is on the west. Go there to continue the quest.

Free Naoka

When you enter the camp you wont find any guards - A Daughters Vengance | Mothers Rise side quests - Mothers Rise - Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide

When you enter the camp you won't find any guards. Inside, you can notice a few Carja's soldiers. When you approach them, a cut-scene will play. It turns out that this is a trap. Kill all enemies in the location. Then, check the wagon in the center of the courtyard. Follow wagon's trails.

The trails leads to a bigger fort - A Daughters Vengance | Mothers Rise side quests - Mothers Rise - Horizon Zero Dawn Game Guide

The trails leads to a bigger fort. Approach the gate [1] and the mission will be updated. Your goal is to eliminate guards in the camp. Use the hole in the wall [2] to get inside. On the courtyard you can find a lot of bushes that can help you to perform stealth kills. Before you move forward, don't forget to use Focus to see everyone's location.

After defeating the guards, the path to the lost woman is now open. Use Focus to find her trail. It leads to the basement. Speak with her and wait until she frees other prisoners. When you leave the basement you will notice that Zaid arrived at the camp.

Kill Zaid

Eliminate his soldiers and then take care of him. Look out for his rocket launcher and try not to stay in one place for too long. Use the moment when Zaid reloads his weapon to shoot him.

When Zaid is neutralized, a cut-scene starts to play and after that there is a dialog. The quest is now completed.

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