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Horizon Forbidden West Guide by

Horizon Forbidden West Guide

Table of Contents
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Horizon Forbidden West: List of all main and side quests Horizon Forbidden West guide, walkthrough

This Horizon Forbidden West guide page lists all available main missions, as well as optional quests and favors.

Last update: Wednesday, March 9, 2022

This page of the Horizon 2 Forbidden West game guide lists all the quests, including main quests, side quests, companion quests and errands, which are a type of optional quests. Detailed walkthroughs of the quests from the lists below can be found on the following pages of this guide.

All main quests

Completing the main quests in the list below is required to finish the main storyline and unlock the only Horizon Forbidden West ending.

  1. Reach for the Stars
  2. The Point of the Lance
  3. To the Brink
  4. The Embassy
  5. Death's Door
  6. The Dying Lands
  7. The Eye of the Earth
  8. The Broken Sky
  9. The Kulrut
  10. The Cradle of Echoes
  11. The Sea of Sands
  12. Seeds of the Past
  13. Faro's Tomb
  14. Gemini
  15. All That Remains
  16. The Wings of the Ten
  17. Singularity

All side quests

The game's optional quests appear in the game's two main notebook tabs and Errands are also be treated as side quests, since they have their own interesting and unique content.

We have also included a separate mini-chapter in our walkthrough concerning companion quests. They are treated in the same way as side quests, but they are different in the fact that they are commissioned by Aloy's friends from the Base and as a reward for each of them, you will get a separate trophy.

Side quests:

  1. Deep Trouble
  2. Shadow from the Past
  3. The Bristlebacks
  4. The Twilight Path
  5. Shadow in the West
  6. The Burning Blooms
  7. The Deluge
  8. The Roots That Bind
  9. The Gate of the Vanquished
  10. A Tribe Apart
  11. Thirst for the Hunt
  12. The Promontory
  13. A Soldier's March
  14. Blood for Blood
  15. The Wound in the Sand
  16. Drowned Hopes
  17. Need to Know
  18. The Blood Choke
  19. The Valley of the Fallen
  20. In the Fog
  21. Lofty Ambitions
  22. The Way Home

Companion quests:

  1. The Second Verse - Zo's quest
  2. What Was Lost - Kotallo's quest
  3. Forbidden Legacy - Alva's quest


  1. Learning Machine Strike
  2. A Dash of Courage
  3. Signals of the Sun
  4. A Bigger Boom
  5. The Oldgrowth
  6. Sons of Prometheus Data
  7. The Taste of Victory
  8. Supply Drop
  9. Call and Response
  10. In Bloom
  11. The Music in Metal
  12. Opening the Arena
  13. Nights of Lights
  14. The Souvenir
  15. First to Fly
  16. Tides of Justice
  17. The Enduring
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