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Horizon Forbidden West Guide by

Horizon Forbidden West Guide

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Horizon Forbidden West: Accessibility Horizon Forbidden West guide, walkthrough

This page of the guide contains information on all of Horizon Forbidden West's handicap and accessibility features.

Last update: Thursday, February 24, 2022

On this page of the guide you'll learn about the accessibility options available in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West accessibility options

  1. Horizon Forbidden West's settings contain an Accessibility tab with many functions that can make the game easier:
  2. Displaying quest path: Explorer (minimal help), Guided (all quest markers and marked paths);
  3. Pointing out navigation points: Explorer (minimal help), Guided (all quest markers);
  4. Button placement and modification: you can customize the controls to your needs;
  5. Contextual reminders: reminders on how to use your weapons, how to fight, etc.;
  6. Weapon wheel slowdown: adjust how much time slows down when browsing the weapon wheel;
  7. QTE sequences during gauntlet runs: tweak the controls during QTE sequences;
  8. Automatic shieldwing: option becomes available after unlocking the gadget;
  9. Mounts stick to roads: choose whether your mount should automatically follow the road;
  10. Second remote: lets you use a second controller with identical controls (requires a second user profile);
  11. Hold/press: adjust how holding buttons works;
  12. Aim assist: adjust your arrows' trajectory to make hitting the target easier;
  13. Automatic sprint (on foot);
  14. Automatic sprint (mounted);
  15. Change movement and looking around: lets you swap the functions of the left and right sticks;
  16. Motion sensitivity;
  17. Left/Right stick dead zone;
  18. X axis sensitivity (camera);
  19. Y axis sensitivity (camera);
  20. Vibration level - cutscenes;
  21. Vibration level - climbing;
  22. Vibration level - combat;
  23. Vibration level - weapons;
  24. Vibration level - environment;
  25. Vibration level - interface;
  26. Adaptive triggers for weapons: disabling this option reduces trigger resistance and weapon fatigue;
  27. Motion blur;
  28. Camera shake;
  29. Camera shake underwater;
  30. Camera position: always on the left or dynamic;
  31. Hints for climbing always on: no need to use the Focus;
  32. Music volume;
  33. Speech volume;
  34. Sound effects volume;
  35. Audio mix: you can adjust your audio to match your speaker setup;
  36. Disable tinnitus sounds;
  37. Display subtitles: size and background;
  38. Text language;
  39. Dialogue and cutscene language.
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