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Horizon Forbidden West Guide

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Horizon Forbidden West: Machines - list of all Horizon Forbidden West guide, walkthrough

This page of the Horizon Forbidden West guide lists the machines available in the game.

Last update: Tuesday, February 15, 2022

On this page of the Horizon Forbidden West guide, you will find a list of all the machines available in the game.


Machines in this class resemble herbivores in their appearance. They are specialized in collecting raw materials. They also have canisters on them.

Machines that are part of this class:

  1. Bristleback - large machines that resemble oversized boars. It can use its fangs to dig up soil.
  2. Charger - a horned machine that has appeared in the first game. It can be used as a mount.
  3. Snapmaw - crocodile-like machines that inhabit aquatic areas.
  4. Tideripper - an aqutic machine that uses filtration to extract resources. It is capable of fighting on land as well.


Recon class machines act as scouts. Their job is to look for threats.

Machines that are part of this class:

  1. Burrower - resembles an otter. This machine can dig tunnels and swim in water. It is capable of emitting high-pitched sounds that serve both as an alarm and weapon.
  2. Sunwing - flying machines with wings. They are able to patrol the area from the air.


Machines included in the Combat class resemble predators. Their specialty is combat.


This is a class reserved for machines whose job is to transfer information between other robots. There is only one "species" in this category. It's called Tallneck - a huge, giraffe-like creature that you can climb while exploring the map.


Machines in this class are specialized in transporting cargo.

Machines of unspecified class

In addition to the machines from the above classes, there are also those whose class cannot be specified. These are:

  1. Clamberjaw - monkey-like robots that feed on waste.
  2. Clawstrider - a dinosaur-like machine with powerful jaws.
  3. Rollerback - a heavily armored machine capable of crushing opponents.
  4. Shellsnapper - they resemble giant tortoises. They are aquatic creatures that have vegetation on their crest.
  5. Tremortusk - a powerful machine that resembles a mammoth. It has extremely strong armor.
  6. Slitherfang - resembles a snake and is able to spit acid.
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