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Horizon Forbidden West Guide

Horizon Forbidden West Guide

The post-apocalypse horizon Horizon Forbidden West guide is a complete game walkthrough and the best tips to get started, contains all the finds and secrets. Descriptions of all mechanics, character development, exploration and description of all achievements and side quests.

Last update: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

This guide to Horizon Forbidden West contains a complete set of information to help you learn the most important gameplay mechanics, find answers to frequently asked questions, complete all available quests, complete all side activities, and discover secrets and collectibles. With our guide, you will be able to complete Horizon Forbidden West in 100%.

The first few pages focus on the basics. There you will find a beginner's guide as well as pages with numerous tips for combat, stealth, exploration, developing Aloy and her equipment, managing the base, mounts, crafting, unlocking the best skills, using the best weapons and dealing with different types of machines. The FAQ chapter with solutions to common problems focuses on similar topics. You can learn, among other things, how to use the fast travel mechanic, how to override machines, how to get XP and money, how to heal, how to replenish ammo, how to unlock diving equipment, how to get your first weapons, or how to gain skill points.

Our guide also has a detailed walkthrough. It is divided into descriptions of all main quests (including the ending) as well as descriptions of side quests and jobs. In a separate mini-chapter, we have also prepared a list of the boss fights with strategies on how to defeat each elite machine.

Another larger section is the world atlas, which includes descriptions of the game's major optional activities. These include hunting areas, arena battles, Machine Strike mini-game, Tallnecks climbing, and Cauldrons walkthorughs. We have also prepared a chapter focusing on secrets and collectibles. It includes information on Relic Ruins, Black Boxes, Survey Drones, Lenses , and Vista Points, among others.

The main chapters of the Horizon Forbidden West guide are supplemented by a number of smaller ones. These include a trophy guide with details on how to get the platinum trophy, as well as pages on controls, hardware requirements and technical aspects, upgrading the PS4 version to the PS5 version, and information on how long is the game.

Horizon Forbidden West: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Collect as much loot as possible. Some things will not be useful to you until later or you can sell them. You can move items from a full inventory to a stash.
  2. Scan the area with focus. It can detect, e.g. loot, interactive objects, edges for climbing or enemies. Focus has unlimited use.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of the machines. By scanning your enemies you can, for example, see their weak points or learn that they are less resistant to certain types of elements.
  4. Try stealth attacks. These are especially useful if you are dealing with opponents stronger than Aloy or you want to avoid alerting the entire area. You can use, e.g. stealth attacks.
  5. Explore the regions carefully. Climbing the Tallnecks can reveal the surroundings. However, you will still need to check all the question marks added to the map - they can mark all sorts of interesting things.
  6. Use dodges during combat. This is especially important when facing opponents who can charge at you or use ranged attacks.
  7. Collect as many skill points as possible. Use them to unlock new skills from up to 6 skill trees. You can get skill points by leveling Aloy up and completing quests.

You can find more information on this on a separate page: Beginner's guide.

Horizon Forbidden West: Basics

  1. Character progression
  2. Machines
  3. Exploration
  4. Difficulty levels
  5. Base
  6. Combat and stealth
  7. Traders
  8. States / Status effects
  9. Mounts
  10. Crafting and upgrading equipment
  11. Ranged Weapons
  12. Recommended weapon list
  13. Tools and Gadgets
  14. Machines
  15. Companions

Horizon Forbidden West: FAQ

World and game info:

  1. Choices - are they in the game?
  2. Knowing the series - is it required?
  3. Saving - how to save?
  4. Romances - are there any in the game?
  5. Money - how to earn and spend it?
  6. Widemaw Tusk - how to get?
  7. Game world - is it big?
  8. Jobs - what are they?
  9. Time of day - how to change?
  10. Mission On Hold - why?
  11. Endgame - is it in the game?


  1. First weapons - how to get them?
  2. Firearms - are they in the game?
  3. Ammo - how to refill?
  4. Weapon techniques - how to use?
  5. Weapon Stamina - how to recover?
  6. Rocks - how to throw?
  7. Concentration - how to activate?


  1. Fast travel - how to use?
  2. Charger - how to override?
  3. Diving Mask - how to get?
  4. Metal flowers - what are they?
  5. Valuables - what is their purpose?
  6. Wild animals - how to hunt?
  7. Hunting Medals - where to spend them?
  8. Fishing - how to fish?

Character and her statistics:

  1. Experience - how to amass quickly?
  2. Skill points - how to earn?
  3. Aloy's appearance - how to change?
  4. Healing - how to restore health?
  5. Valor - how to accumulate?

Horizon Forbidden West: All bosses

  1. Slitherfang
  2. Grudda
  3. Grimhorn
  4. Tremortusk
  5. Falopruj
  6. Dreadwing
  7. Apex Thunderjaw
  8. Slaughterspine
  9. Regalla
  10. Erik
  11. Specter Prime

Horizon Forbidden West: Best skills

  1. Skill trees
  2. Hunter

Horizon Forbidden West: All main quests

  1. Reach for the Stars
  2. The Point of the Lance
  3. To the Brink
  4. The Embassy
  5. Death's Door
  6. The Dying Lands
  7. The Eye of the Earth
  8. The Broken Sky
  9. The Kulrut
  10. Cradle of Echoes
  11. The Sea of Sands
  12. Seeds of the Past
  13. Faro's Tomb
  14. GEMINI
  15. All That Remains
  16. The Wings of the Ten
  17. Singularity

Horizon Forbidden West: All side quests

  1. Deep Trouble
  2. The Twilight Path
  3. The Bristlebacks
  4. Shadow from the Past
  5. Shadow in the West
  6. The Burning Blooms
  7. The Deluge
  8. The Roots That Bind
  9. A Tribe Apart
  10. Thirst for the Hunt
  11. The Promontory
  12. A Soldier's March

Horizon Forbidden West: All errands

  1. Learning Machine Strike
  2. A Dash of Courage
  3. The Bigger Boom
  4. Signals of the Sun
  5. The Taste of Victory
  6. The Oldgrowth
  7. Call and Response

Horizon Forbidden West: All companion quests

Companion quests:

  1. The Second Verse, Zo's quest
  2. What Was Lost, Kotallo's quest
  3. Forbidden Legacy - Alva's quest

Horizon Forbidden West: World atlas

Hunting grounds:

  1. List of hunting grounds
  2. The Daunt
  3. Plainsong
  4. The Raintrace
  5. Sheerside Mountains

Salvage contracts:

  1. List of salvage contracts
  2. Barren Light
  3. Greenswell

Cinnabar Sands:

  1. Rebel camps and outposts
  2. Tallneck
  3. Cauldron Mu

The Stillsands:

  1. Tallneck
  2. Rebel camps and outposts

Salt Bite:

  1. Rebel camps and outposts
  2. Tallneck
  3. Cauldron IOTA

The Bulwark:

  1. Tallneck
  2. Rebel camps and outposts
  3. Cauldron: CHI
  4. Cauldron KAPPA

The Shining Wastes:

  1. Rebel camps and outposts
  2. Tallneck


  1. Tallneck

Horizon Forbidden West: All secrets and collectibles

  1. All secrets
  2. Collectibles - how to find?
  3. Survey drones
  4. Black Boxes
  5. Sunken Caverns
  6. War Totems
  7. Vista Points locations
  8. Melee Pits
  9. Gauntlet Run
  10. The Arena

Relic ruins - Ornaments:

  1. All ornaments
  2. Let's Get This Started!
  3. Weekend Getaway
  4. A Church? Really?
  5. Emergency Pit Stop
  6. The Bill
  7. Golden Toucans
  8. Stanfort Days
  9. Gizmo


  1. How to reach?
  2. List of lenses

Horizon Forbidden West: Disk space

To install Horizon Forbidden West, you will need to have at least 96 GB of free disk space. However, this value doesn't include the day 1 patch.

More about the release date can be found on a separate page of this guide: Release date.

About Horizon Forbidden West Guide

Author : Agnieszka "aadamus" Adamus for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Horizon Forbidden West Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Guerrilla Games
  • publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • platform: PS4, PS5

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