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Hogwarts Legacy Guide

Table of Contents
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Hogwarts Legacy: List of all quests, walkthrough Hogwarts Legacy guide

This page of the guide lists all the quests available in Hogwarts Legacy. We have prepared separate lists with main quests, assignments from professors, relationship quests and side quests. They will help you complete 100% of the quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Last update: Monday, February 13, 2023

On this page of the Hogwarts Legacy guide, we have included a list of all available quests - these are main and side quests, Assignments given by professors and relationship quests related to befriended characters. Our list should make it easier for you to find the missing quests and complete the game in 100%.

Page in progress. In the near future, we will expand it with more main and side quests.

All main quests

  1. The Path to Hogwarts - This is a prologue quest in which the protagonist and Professor Fig go through the ruins. You will learn, e.g. how to use the basic spell and Revelio, how to discover the secret of the statue, how to defeat the sentries and when you can choose a House.
  2. Welcome to Hogwarts - You will get to know the castle and the dormitory of the selected House. We explain, e.g. what activities are available in the common room, how to unlock the Guide, how to get a Guide page and how to use the Floo Flames.
  3. Charms Class - On this page, we have described Professor Ronen's class. You will learn how to unlock the Accio spell and how to defeat Natsai in the mini-game of pulling orbs using magic.
  4. Defence Against the Dark Arts Class - This is a class taught by Professor Hecat. You will learn when the Levioso spell is unlocked and how to defeat Sebastian in a duel using the levitation spell.
  5. Weasley After Class - This is a smaller main quest in which you meet Professor Weasley. You will find out when you can meet Weasley and what the choice of a companion for a trip to Hogsmeade is about.
  6. Welcome to Hogsmeade - This is an important mission from the trip to Hogsmeade with a previously selected companion. We inform, among others, what stores you should visit in Hogsmeade, how to unlock your own wand, how to defeat the boss - an armored Troll, and how to repair the damage after the battle.
  7. The Locket's Secret - This is a smaller main quest of unlocking access to the owl mail and meeting with Professor Fig to discuss further plans.
  8. Secrets of the Restricted Section - In this quest, you will learn the basics of stealth by unlocking the Disillusionment spell. The hero must sneak into the library with Sebastian and find a magic book.
  9. Tomes and Tribulations - This is a short main quest in which you have to meet Professor Fig again. This will unlock new main quests and a new assignment.
  10. Herbology Class - In this main quest, you'll take part in a lesson on the basics of Herbology: planting seeds and using Chinese Chomping Cabbage to attack enemies.
  11. Potions Class - This is another important lesson at Hogwarts. In this main quest, you will learn how to use potion brewing stations and make your first 2 potions.
  12. The Girl from Uagadou - This is a short main quest in which the main character has to meet Natai outside the walls of Hogwarts, in the village of Lower Hogsfield.
  13. Merlin Trials - This is the main quest that will introduce you to the mechanics of solving Merlin's puzzles - unique activities on the world map. The hero must help Nora Treadwell defeat a group of thieves and complete the first puzzle.
  14. Scrope's Last Hope (Slytherin House) - This is a unique main quest for Slytherin. Our guide explains where to find Scrope's 3 notes, how to get to the cave and where to find the diary in the cave.
  15. Jackdaw's Rest - This is a bigger and more important main quest in which you will explore Jackdaw's Tomb. We explain how to get through the vast dungeon, where to find the lost notes and how to unlock the Map Chamber.

All professors' assignments

  1. Professor Ronen's Assignment - This is the first assignment received from this professor. You'll find out when the quest is unlocked, how to catch flying pages, how to unlock the Reparo spell, and how to use it to repair objects.
  2. Professor Ronen's Assignment 1 - This is Ronen's first assignment. We inform you how to complete side quests by winning fights with students and using spell combinations, as well as how to unlock the Incendio spell.
  3. Professor Ronen's Assignment 2 - These are the next challenges from Professor Ronen. Learn how to perform 10 dodges in combat and how to correctly use Incendio 5 times to get the Expelliarmus spell.

All side quests - Hogwarts

  1. Like a Moth to a Frame - You get this quest from Lenora Everleigh in Hogwarts. We inform how to discover the secret of the painting, where to find the moth, how to lead it to the empty painting and what the minor choice at the end of the quest is about.
  2. Flying Off the Shelves - You'll receive this quest from Cressida Blume in Hogwarts. We explain how to catch books flying around the library and what to do when you return to Cressida with the books.
  3. Cache in the Castle - You'll receive this quest from Arthur Plummly in Hogwarts. We have described all the clues from the treasure map received from Arthur - the skeleton, the fountain and the painting. Our walkthrough will help you find the secret treasure.

All side quests - Forbidden Forest

  1. Ghost of Our Love -You will learn how to unlock the side quest depending on the selected House, where to find levitating candles and how to follow the candles to the chest from the treasure map.
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