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Hitman: Absolution Game Guide by

Hitman: Absolution Game Guide

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Table of Contents

Bonus content | Tips Hitman: Absolution Guide

During the game you can unlock various elements treated as a bonus game content - Bonus content - Tips - Hitman: Absolution - Game Guide and Walkthrough

During the game you can unlock various elements treated as a bonus game content. Your current progress can be checked from the main menu in the Unlocks section. Those can be divided in five main categories:

  • Weapons
  • Assassin Techniques
  • Disguises
  • Challenges
  • Play Styles

In case of weapons and disguises, it is best to look around for relevant object during completing the campaign mission for a single player. If you do not want to waste your time searching for missing objects, you can also buy them (screen above), spending dollars earned in Contracts mode.

Assassin Techniques are obtained by scoring high point results in main singleplayer campaign missions. Each unlocked technique upgrades Agent 47's skills, reducing for example recoil during shooting, making it easier to remain hidden or increasing speed during running.

Challenges are connected to subsequent missions in Absolution mode. A detailed description of all challenges can be found later on in this guide.

Play Styles is the only unique category, because these are awarded for completing particular actions. Hints on unlocking all play styles are listed in the table below.



Needle Pumper

Execute stealth kills with syringe.


Hide bodies of eliminated people in crates or closets.

Piano Man

Commit kills with garrote.

Reaper Man

Use point shooting for eliminating enemies.


Stun enemies.

Dynasty Warrior

Use katana to kill enemies.

Dynamite Harry

Use remote explosives to kill enemies.


Use revolvers to kill enemies.


Use drink bottles to kill enemies.


Use fists to kill enemies.


Use fire axe to kill enemies.


Use knife to stealth kill enemies.


Use baseball bat to kill enemies.


Take damage from enemy attacks.


Use sharp objects to throw-kill enemies.


Use silenced weapons to kill enemies.


Arrange accidents to kill enemies.


Use sniper rifle to kill enemies.

Glass Cannon

Use shotgun to kill enemies.

Bank Robber

Take hostages as human shields and let them die from friendly fire.

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