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Hitman 3 Guide

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Hitman 3: Failing a mission - is it possible? Hitman 3 guide, walkthrough

This Hitman 3 guide page answers the question of whether you can fail a mission story or an entire mission. We have also included information on what can cause a mission failure.

In Hitman 3, you can fail primarily selected mission stories - Hitman 3: Failing a mission - is it possible? - FAQ - Hitman 3 Guide

In Hitman 3, you can fail primarily selected mission stories. You can be informed about it in the mission stories tab (example in the picture). The main reasons for failing the mission stories are:

  1. You have missed the chance to start this mission story - Some of them have a time limit. They may be available, for example, only until the mission target meets a particular person. If you do not perform the appropriate actions during this time (e.g. if you do not take on the identity of a participant of that meeting), you will not be able to complete the mission story.
  2. You lost the ability to perform an action or acquire an item - This reason may vary for each mission story. This can be taking an item that was supposed to have been used by another NPC or prematurely sabotaging some construction.

In special cases, you can fail an entire mission – this can happen if the mission target manages to escape from the map. Fortunately, even if you raise the alarm, the mission objective will usually hide somewhere on the map with a guard – you will still be able to complete the mission.

There are several ways to avoid failing a mission/mission story:

  1. Do not interact with all the devices you find, because one of them may be related to, for example, a mission story.
  2. Save the game often on different slots.
  3. When replaying missions, choose alternate starting locations. You should also take advanced gadgets and weapons on missions. For example, you may start a mission in disguise or with useful equipment. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to reach the mission objective or the location of the mission story.
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