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Hitman 3 Guide

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Hitman 3: Game's length Hitman 3 guide, walkthrough

On this page of the guide, you will find information on how long it takes to beat Hitman 3. We have prepared separate values for going through the game quickly, completing all story quests, doing each map in 100%, and unlocking all trophies.

1 - Hitman 3: Games length - Appendix - Hitman 3 Guide
  1. Hitman 3, like the previous two installments, is the type of game that can be completed relatively quickly if you ignore the careful exploration of the maps and the various assassination of the mission targets. However, this is not a recommended way of playing the game, because you can miss a lot of interesting content.
  2. The recommended way to play the game is to be primarily interested in the Mission Stories, which are more elaborate ways of reaching and eliminating given targets. These are available in four of the game's six missions. These may include conducting an elaborate investigation, poisoning a person, reaching them in a unique disguise, or disposing of them in a cleverly orchestrated accident.
  3. The core content of Hitman 3 includes five large locations and one smaller location. Each mission/location in Hitman 3 has at least a few dozen challenges. These may include, e.g. less extensive variants of assassinations, exploring interesting locations and finding easter eggs on the map, finding disguises or story items. Challenges help you to advance to the next levels of mastery of a particular location and unlock rewards (e.g. trophies, new costumes and starting points, or unique equipment). Earning the maximum mastery levels is a bit more challenging in Hitman 3 , meaning you have to complete more challenges from the available pool.
  4. Hitman 3 motivates players to complete missions by following special rules. We're talking about achieving the rank of Silent Assassin, awarded for completing missions without being noticed and eliminating the target(s) only. There are also even more difficult ways to finish missions, such as playing at the highest difficulty level or completing a contract by wearing the suit all the time.
  5. It should take you about 40 hours to get the platinum trophy in Hitman 3. You'll spend most of this time on exploring each of the available maps, dealing with challenges, and unlocking higher experience levels. Some of the game's trophies involve using specific kill variants or triggering hidden events to attach (e.g. secret meeting on the map).
  6. Hitman 3 offers the ability to earn trophies related to Hitman and Hitman 2, with the understanding that you must first correctly import maps from the previous games. If you have moved your player profile from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3, previously earned trophies will automatically unlock (except for Sniper Assassin mode achievements). Otherwise, you'll have to unlock them, and it may take you as long as a few dozen hours.
  7. Hitman 3 is a difficult game to complete at 100%, and that's because it regularly receives new content - escalations, Elusive Targets, bonus missions or contracts from the community and other players. Getting 100% of the challenges in missions can also be challenging. Expect that even after getting the "platinum" you will stay with the game for several / dozens of consecutive hours.
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