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Hex Commander Game Guide

Table of Contents

The dragon Ildus (hero) | Orcs Units Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough

The dragon Ildus is your first hero in the Greenskin campaign - The dragon Ildus (hero) | Orcs Units - Greenskin (Orcs) - Hex Commander Game Guide

The dragon Ildus is your first hero in the Greenskin campaign. It is a powerful beast, with high amount of health and tough armor. It can deal a lot of damage, but has attack range of only 2 fields. It is distinguished by several other features: it can move up to 5 fields and ignore many terrain obstacles (e.g. hill slope fields, which other units cannot cross) or fly directly onto walls or towers.

What's more, its attacks set enemies on fire (dealing 10 damage per turn), and when the target dies, the fire spreads to adjacent enemy units. This skill set makes Ildus a very dangerous and versatile creature, ideal for attacking large enemy groups (to make full use of the fire effect) or hit-and-run tactics - destroying enemy siege machines, medics, or other dangerous units.

Ildus can gain the following additional skills:

  • Personal Training. Raises stats just like when upgrading other units. It increases mainly its defenses and damage. It's good to leave this upgrade for later.
  • Regeneration. A very useful skill, which makes it significantly harder for the enemy to take down the dragon. It's a very efficient ability, so you'd best get at least a single level in this skill. The Greenskins have no dedicated healers, which makes health regeneration an essential skill for your heroes.
  • Dragonfire. Dragon's unique skill - it increases the number of targets that can be burned after the death of an enemy killed by fire. Very useful in battles against large numbers of enemies. You invest in at least a single level of this skill.
  • Additional protection. This skill buffs Ildus' already significant armor. A useful skill, but you should leave it for later. The dragon is already quite tough as it is.
  • Spell range. Increases the effective range of scrolls and potions in battle.
  • Spell number. Increases the number of spells and potions, which can be used during a single turn.
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