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Hex Commander Game Guide

Table of Contents

Artisan Argument | Elves Campaign Side Mission

This side mission becomes available after completing mission 9 from the Elves campaign. You will participate in a battle between two armies.

1 - Artisan Argument | Elves Campaign - Side mission - Hex Commander Game Guide
  1. The task here is to help your allies. Your actions have impact on who will win this battle. Upgrade your units to the maximum level and teleport as many of them as possible. More units increase your chance of victory.
  2. There are four Artisan units: you can find them in the allies' (1) and in the enemies' camp (2). Each one of them can summon a small group of units. The Artisan in the front summons melee units and the one in the back summons support and ranged units. On normal, the game spawns 3 Shadow Warriors per frontline. Also, there are two Ballistae (1), Scorpions (2) or Healers per frontline. These squads spawn endlessly until one of the sides eliminates all enemy Artisans.
  3. Each of the frontlines has a controllable hero (Arcaena and Sylvius). Also, a teleport is in the middle of each of the frontlines (3). Use them to summon units that will later support your ally. Chests with gold and Lightning scroll are located near these teleports. Besides that, you can also find neutral Lava Golems (4) - these units will attack anyone who gets closer to them. You can lure the enemy's army to them but be careful, they can attack your units too. You can reach both of these locations by going through the narrow forest located between your camp and their nest (the path above/below the main road).
Lightning scroll is great for eliminating enemy units located in towers. - Artisan Argument | Elves Campaign - Side mission - Hex Commander Game Guide
Lightning scroll is great for eliminating enemy units located in towers.
  1. There are two towers in front of the enemy camp (5). Inside them the enemy has ranged units (on normal, you will encounter Elf Mages). Use Lightning scroll to kill them. Next to them you can find a chest with Fire Rain scroll. The Artisans are your primary target - they summon additional units. They can't move but they can attack units that are close to them. Attack them when they don't summon any units and try to kill at least one. This will give you an advantage on one of the frontlines.
  2. What are the best units to summon and support the ally? A Healer is always useful, although your ally has this unit too - she can heal your units when they lose too much health. An Elf Mage is a good choice because of his great reach and the ability to weaken enemy units. Another option is to call Ballistae or Scorpions. These units have fantastic reach and they deal massive damage. You can use them to eliminate enemy siege equipment and Healers before they even get a chance to do something on the battlefield. Unicorns are another choice. They are fast, deal great damage thanks to Charge attack and can move in forests freely. However, they are vulnerable. Summon regular Archers if you don't have enough money. Melee units such as Shadow Warriors or Bears aren't useful here. The most helpful ones are ranged units. Almost half of the allied army consists of Shadow Warriors so it is better to get units that can't be summoned by the Artisans.
2 - Artisan Argument | Elves Campaign - Side mission - Hex Commander Game Guide
  1. The mission can be completed in multiple ways. Below you can find two solutions:
  2. Plan A: Pushing forward on both fronts evenly. Here, you have to help your allies who fight both in the north and in the south. Summon the same number of units for both heroes. Choose your units accordingly to a situation on the battlefield. The good side of this solution is the ability to have a full control over both lines. However, this method is also slower. Sylvius can use an additional Healer or a unit that deals damage. Arcaena may need a help of an Elf Mage who can weaken enemies that are a direct danger to the heroine. You can also summon a Healer or a fast unit that will be able to keep peace with Arcaena.
  3. Plan B: Supporting only one frontline. Join both heroes into one group. Summon 1-2 units to support the frontline without a hero. Your focus is to push one frontline forward with your forces as fast as you can. This strategy is much faster but also rather risky. Support your strike squad with a Healer and fast units. Alternatively, you can give them infantry or siege equipment. Your goal is to eliminate the enemy Artisans as fast as you can and attacking the remaining opponents from behind their backs. You can even wait for the enemies to start moving at the allies. In the meantime, you can get rid of their commanders.
  4. Playing this mission on a higher difficulty - you will come across other factions but the number of summoned units doesn't differ that much. However, you will encounter upgraded or stronger versions of the enemy units. The strategy is similar: you have to support your ally and achieve victory. You can get additional potions or scrolls and use them on your heroes so they will be able to defeat the enemy Artisans.
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