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Hex Commander Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 9 - Blocked Road | Elves Campaign Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough

You got a new mission - you have to see what happened with supplies deliveries. This recon will soon change into a huge battle with Orcs.

1 - Mission 9 - Blocked Road | Elves Campaign - Elves Campaign - Hex Commander Game Guide
  1. You start the mission with a small squad that consists of heroes and Bears (1). Your Mages are on the hill nearby. The mission is divided into two stages. During the first part you have to stop a group of enemies that are coming from the north. Defeating them wouldn't be a problem but all of the units want to break through to their camp in the south. On top of that, a few Wolves are strengthened with a Shield scroll which gives them good damage reduction. Stopping these units is important. Use Sylvius to immobilize the Wolves. In the meantime, deal with the remaining units. The Wolves should be defeated last. There is a teleport near the starting location. Additional units are advised, especially a Healer. You can also summon Archers or Ballistae which can be used during your assault on the camp.
  2. Defeat the enemies and move towards the camp. You will come across a single tower guarded by a squad. Try to defeat them in one turn - this can give you an advantage and you will still have an element of surprise. Use your heroes and Mages to deal as much damage as possible. Another teleport can be found near the tower (2). A few enemy Archers will return here from the north. Decide whether you want to make a frontal attack or go around it and reach its back. The enemy sends soldiers frequently. Watch out for their Mages when you decide to storm camp. They are placed high above the ground and can deal a lot of damage. You can also order your units to go through the narrow forest (the arrow shows the path between the points 2 and 3). Your ally awaits behind the camp. He will give you his army (3). Thanks to that you can reduce enemy's size advantage.
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