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Hex Commander Game Guide

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Mission 6 - Defence of Calyril | Elves Campaign Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough

Calyril needs help! The fortress is besieged by Orcs and Goblins. You receive a rather large number of siege equipment - their help will be invaluable.

1 - Mission 6 - Defence of Calyril | Elves Campaign - Elves Campaign - Hex Commander Game Guide
  1. This mission's objective is to defend the fortress. You get a lot of units including Archers, Scorpions and Ballistae. Thanks to the latter units you will be able to eliminate Orc units with one shot. You have to place all siege equipment on the towers or the walls. This will increase their damage.
  2. Hold all the gates to win this battle. By doing that the enemy will keep attacking you with small groups that have to cross unfriendly terrains. Move the units from the northern part of the fortress, especially the Archers and the Scorpions, and place them on walls near the gates (use the elevators located in different parts of the fortress). Place a group of Shadow Warriors behind each of the gates - they will eliminate everyone who attacks a gate. A Healer will be very useful here. She can heal units on the walls (especially the siege equipment).
  3. Most of the attacking units consist of Orcs; Goblins (including Mages) are on the back. Besides that, the middle gate will be assaulted by the enemy hero. He has a great bonus - this hero can reduce most of the damage received from ranged attacks. Focus on other, more threatening units. Try to eliminate them in this order: Goblin Mages, Orc Archers, Goblin Archers, the remaining melee units that are closest to the gate. The Mages have a great reach and can deal the biggest amount of damage. Unless the gates are destroyed, the only threat comes from the ranged units. After that eliminating the rest of the units won't be a problem.
  4. On higher difficulty levels enemy units are more experienced but you will also have to deal with additional groups of enemies (the orange arrows). The Goblins army receives the biggest reinforcements. Additional Archers or preferably Scorpions will be useful here. An additional Healer will also help. Place them on the opposite gates. To counter a large group of enemies - place a resistant unit on the gate's hex, use any of the Shield scrolls and keep a Healer close to it. The enemy won't attack the gate. Instead, they focus on that particular unit which means that they will waste many turns.
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