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Hex Commander Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 3 - Stream Ambush | Elves Campaign Hex Commander Guide & Walkthrough

You meet with owners of the Boars from the previous mission. The Dwarves aren't happy with what you have done to their animals. You are blamed for everything that have happened. This means that you will have to go through the Dwarven army.

1 - Mission 3 - Stream Ambush | Elves Campaign - Elves Campaign - Hex Commander Game Guide
  1. This mission isn't easy because the entire enemy army consists of Dwarven units. You will meet with one of their heroes. Also, you will have to deal with Berserkers who are in the frontline (1). The hero has a full armor penetration which means that this unit can ignore damage reduction of all of your units. Berserkers have numerous soldiers in their units, they deal a lot of damage, move 3 hexes and can regenerate health. Lack of armor is their weak point - use this knowledge and eliminate them as fast as possible.
  2. Behind them there are Riflemen (2) and Cannons (3). Riflemen are light units that fight at a distance. Their reach is small (2 hexes) but they can penetrate armor and deal full damage. Cannons are the biggest problem here because they have great reach - they can shoot 1 hex farther than Scorpions (your siege equipment in this mission). The entire army will either try cross the river or move towards the nearest units. Thanks to that you can make your enemies spread out or lure some of them closer to your units.
  3. 6 Scorpions, placed in various strategic points on the map, are your best units in this mission. They deal massive damage and can eliminate most of the units with one shot. However, their reach is a little bit smaller than that of Cannons. Also, Scorpions are placed in a such way that won't let you move them somewhere else. Scorpions, Shadow Warriors and teleporters are in the south (1). From here you can reach enemies near the river. However, the Dwarves will quickly move their units to your positions. Order Shadow Warriors to retreat further into the forest so they can help other units that are on the frontline. Later, you will summon additional units here.
  4. 4 Scorpions are in the north (2): 1 Scorpion per shore and the rest stands on the nearby hills. These Scorpions can't be moved, too. However, they can shoot at enemies in front of them. There is another teleport - it is located in the middle of the road, near the starting place for your army (3). Ballista is the most useful unit that should be summoned (it has a better reach than Cannons). You can also decide to summon an Elf Mage (great reach and ability to weaken, e.g. a Cannon or the enemy hero). You can also decide to summon them later when the situation on the map becomes stable. Usually, Scorpions are able to eliminate Riflemen or greatly weaken Berserkers. Remember - the enemy hero won't retreat until he becomes gravely injured.
2 - Mission 3 - Stream Ambush | Elves Campaign - Elves Campaign - Hex Commander Game Guide
  1. The Cannons can cause you the biggest problems because they will take out your Scorpions one after another (they have a better reach). Summon fast units, such as Unicorns. Hide them in the forest and order to attack when the Cannons get in their Charge reach. Try to move all of your units closer to them and eliminate the Cannons if you can't afford additional units or you can summon only one of them. The enemy machine won't be able to defeat all units by itself.
  2. Playing the mission on a higher difficulty - enemy units are more experienced. The only good thing is that you won't come across any additional units. More experience means that the enemies have more health and can deal more damage. The third additional Cannon on the hill is the biggest challenge here. You have to summon a Ballista, strengthen Unicorns with Shield scrolls or simply use Fire Rain.
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