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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The spells | Basics HP and the HB Prince Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

During the adventure, Harry can use two types of spells. The first ones (Spells and charms) are used while travelling across Hogwart. Thanks to them we can catch, throw and repair item etc. The second group (Duels) consists of offensive spells, which we can use only during fights. Below you will find a description of each spell, divided into two groups. Not every spell is available from the start of the game. You will learn and upgrade many of them during the adventure.

Spells and charms

Wingardium Leviosa - a spell that allows you to pick up and move items from one place to another, pull or throw them. The spell is especially useful for knocking down crests that can be hit only using the surrounding objects like benches of stone jugs. Using this spell you can also throw dungobombs.

Reparo - allows you to repair damaged items like keys or crests. You need to use keys at some spots to get through closed gates. Crests can sometimes break, for example when they hit a wall fall from a high spot. In such case you need to approach the item and cast the spell until it's repaired.

Incendio - a spell that comes in useful while blowing up firework boxes and destroying obstacles like plants or spider webs, blocking the access to some crests.


Stupefy - a basic spell used during combat. It's quite weak at the beginning, but it becomes very powerful later on. The high speed at which you can throw it makes up for its quite low power. You can literally cover the screen with red bullets. Later on, you can charge up a very powerful shot by holding down the left mouse button.

Protego - a defensive spell that lets you reflect enemy attacks. In not only allows you to avoid enemy attacks but also reflects the weaker ones, damaging the enemies with their own spells. Of course, if they don't manage to dodge in time.

Expelliarmus - this spell is useful when we want to knock an enemy to the ground. It does cause some damage, but its biggest advantage is that it immobilises the enemy for a while, leaving him open for attacks. Not too much honourable, but effective. Take note that the spell takes more time to cast than Stupefy.

Petrificus Totalus - using this spell, you can paralyse an enemy for a short while. During the paralysis, he will slowly loose energy. However you cannot attack paralysed foes, as attack will bounce off of them. ATTENTION: this is the only spell which you WON'T gain during the story. In order to gain it, you have to go to the Paved Courtyard and talk with one of the student, who will challenge you to a duel. You will be able to use the spell after winning the battle.

Levicorpus - a useful spell which turns your enemy upside down and immobilises him for a short period of time. During the paralysis, you are free to attack the enemy. If you get hit by one, quickly move the mouse right and left and Harry will free himself from the spell.

Charging - it's not quite a spell, but an ability thanks to which you can attack more effectively with the Stupefy. In order to use it, you have to press and hold down the left mouse button. Thanks to this ability you can also hold the Protego longer and cast it in the right moment. You need to press and hold the right mouse button then.

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