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Halo Wars Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Halo Wars Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Mission 07 - Scarab | Walkthrough Halo Wars Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mission 07 - Scarab

Primary objectives:

Destroy the Super Scarab.

It's one of the most sofisticated mission in the whole game. Main objective is simple - you have to destroy the Scarab. It's incomplete and just standing in place. But it sweeps the whole map with it's seeking beam - when any of your units gets in it - it soon is going to be blasted with Scarab's powerful laser.

I recommend the Scorpion tanks for these mission. Build lots of them, start destroying power nodes and then - the Scarab itself.

Secondary objectives:

Destroy all enemy Power Nodes (7).

Destroying the Power Nodes slows down Scarab's head movement. It's is very hard to kill it if don't eliminate the Power Nodes. They are boxes connected to the Scarab with lots of wires.

Kill 10 Locusts.

Locust is a walking laser cannon. It's extremely effective against buildings and has an incredible attack range. But with Scorpion tanks - they aren't much of a problem.

How to get the skull?


North west side of the map near one of the Power Nodes.

Required objective - Mission 07 - Scarab - Missions - Halo Wars - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Required objective:

Destroy 10 Locusts.


North east part of the map - among other goods.

1 - Mission 07 - Scarab - Missions - Halo Wars - Game Guide and Walkthrough

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