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Mission 10 - The Foundry | Campaign Halo Wars 2 Guide

Main Objectives: Take over the damaged Scarab, and destroy the Banished base.

Optional Objectives:

  • Damage enemy production buildings (3).
  • Destroy enemy Fortress in less than 20 minutes.
  • Don't let the Scarab health go below 25%.


  • Destroy buildings with Scarab (25).
  • Destroy Blisterbacks (15).
  • Destroy Banshees with infantry or Wolverines (15).
  • Kill troops with Scarab (40).

Your main opponent will be the newly acquired enemy unit - Blisterback. It's a flying unit that can be placed on the ground to swap with artillery. Send flying troops or fast vehicles to eliminate the threat as quickly as possible. A perfect moment is when the Blisterback is in the air. It's a very easy target (just like your Kodiaks, when you move them from one place to another). Slowly move forward, and call for ODST support if needed. These elite Marines are powerful troops. On your way to the Scarab, you will have to deal with infantry and Blisterbacks.

Scarab, when supported by the rest of your army, can be a deadly weapon. - Mission 10 - The Foundry | Campaign - Campaign - Halo Wars 2 Game Guide
Scarab, when supported by the rest of your army, can be a deadly weapon.

Once you take control over the Scarab, destroy the stone barrier and the base located behind it. The newly acquired unit will be very effective against vehicles and enemy buildings. Just keep in mind that it is vulnerable to air attack and anti-tank fire. Even though the Scarab is powerful and huge, it won't be able to defeat too many troops. Furthermore, it needs to turn towards every enemy it wants to attack. From the moment you build your base, you have 30 minutes to destroy enemy troops and all the defenders. Before you take down the next barrier, upgrade your base and restore your army. Otherwise, the enemy will become a serious threat. Don't slack, especially if you want to complete optional tasks.

Make sure that you have strong units in your army. You can definitely use Scorpion tanks and newly acquired flying troops. Vulture is a heavy flying unit that will effectively deal with any enemy. Furthermore, its special ability is a powerful rocket. Fire it at the enemy base or the second line of vehicles. Just remember that it doesn't move too fast. Build 2-4 Nightingale. Use them to repair your Scarab. You will probably destroy the first base pretty fast (if you use all your forces). Before you assault the second one charge your Archer missile. The platform is full of hostile tanks. Furthermore, when you destroy that army, a wave of Banshees and Blisterbacks will appear. If you are left with the Scarab, retreat to your base. Lose him and the mission is over. Rebuild your army and strike again.

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