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Halo Infinite Guide

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Halo Infinite: Accessibility Halo Infinite guide, walkthrough

On this page of the Halo Infinite game guide you will find information about accessibility features.

This page of the guide to Halo Infinite has a detailed list of available accessibility settings. These are a variety of game options designed for people with disabilities and players who have problems with understanding the selected languages.

All the related options are in the Accessibility tab, which you will find in the Settings from the main menu - Halo Infinite: Accessibility - Appendix - Halo Infinite Guide

All the related options are in the Accessibility tab, which you will find in the Settings from the main menu. Their main purpose is to make the game more accessible for people with disabilities, but they can also be used, e.g. to change the language.

List of accessibility options


  1. Subtitles language - The default language is based on the system language set for the console or computer. You can change the subtitles language or voice-overs language to a different one. You will have to restart the game after confirming the choice.
  2. Voice-overs language


  1. Linear navigation mode - It can add visual aids to help navigate through menu windows.
  2. Interface narrator
  3. Interface narrator speed
  4. Interface narrator volume
  5. Font size-you can, for example, increase the font size if you have problems reading information on the HUD and in the menu windows.
  6. Text scroll speed


  1. Visibility - They are enabled by default.
  2. Image - You can set what types of subtitles should be displayed (by default they are all).
  3. Size
  4. Background transparency
  5. Highlighting

VFR (these are visual changes)

  1. Enemy interface color
  2. Allies interface color
  3. Team tag color
  4. Transparency of the crosshair outline
  5. Thickness of the crosshair contour
  6. HUD transparency

Communication centre

  1. Text-to-speech - It is enabled by default. The game will read the text from the chat displayed on the screen. Another option has the opposite effect.
  2. Speech-to-text


  1. Blur - It is set to maximum by default. Lowering the base value can make the game more enjoyable to play, but also expose the graphics' shortcomings.
  2. Screen shake - The screen shakes, e.g. during a sprint or in selected cut-scenes. Some players may feel nauseous.
  3. Exposure
  4. Full-screen effects
  5. Speed lines - Lines that appear while sprinting and symbolize streaks of wind when moving faster than normal.
  6. Sharpening - The default value is 60%. It is worth increasing this value if the image seems too blurry for you.

Match history privacy settings

  1. Matchmaking - It is available by default.
  2. No matchmaking - Hidden by default.
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