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Hades Guide

Table of Contents

Hades: Boons Hades guide, tips

Last update: Friday, October 2, 2020

Hades contains many different mechanics. On this page you will find basic information about boons.

Basic information

Boons are the improvements which you receive during the course of the gameplay - Hades: Boons - Awards and improvements - Hades Guide

Boons are the improvements which you receive during the course of the gameplay. You can get them for cleaning a room or buy them for 150 Oboli at Charon's shop.

The boons are lost after hero dies. If you die, boons will disappear from your kit and be available in the next rounds.


1 - Hades: Boons - Awards and improvements - Hades Guide
  1. Aphrodite - her boons put curses on opponents, and in the process improve the hero's survivability;
  2. Ares - the gifts of this God impose Doom on opponents, and increase the hero's damage dealt.
  3. Artemis - his boon increase the chances of critical hits and improve throwing skills;
  4. Athena - the goddess's boon allow her to bounce projectiles and improve the hero defense;
  5. Chaos - provides bonuses for several approaches;
  6. Demeter - thanks to it, you can slow down opponents ' attacks and improve your healing;
  7. Dionysus - his boon affect injuries inflicted over time and increase the hero survivability;
  8. Hermes - his boon increases your mobility, attack speed, dodging and jumping abilities;
  9. Poseidon - improves rewards for peace.
  10. Zeus - his gifts provide additional lightning damage for skills or cause lightning to strike nearby enemies.

Types of gifts

There are four levels of rarity in Hades - Hades: Boons - Awards and improvements - Hades Guide

There are four levels of rarity in Hades. Further ones are more and more powerful:

  1. Regular;
  2. Rare;
  3. Epic;
  4. Heroic.

The rarity of the gift depends on the encountered enemy. The stronger the opponent you beat, the better chance you have of getting better items. The same goes for the store. The more expensive an upgrade is, the better it can be.

Special keepsakes

There are four types of gifts that you can get only after meeting certain requirements. Special requirements usually include removing the curse or acquiring certain gifts. Special gifts cannot be improved with Boons:

  1. Duo - require obtaining gifts from different gods. Only after that can they be offered by any God, and after they have been acquired, can a dialogue be initiated between the pair.;
  2. Legendary - require obtaining certain gifts from Gods. Finally, you can get the highest blessing available;
  3. Chaos - involves entering Chaos Gates and defeating the curse. Unlike other enhancements, Chaos gifts can be accepted more than once in a run, and the effects combine.
  4. Bouldy - after talking to Sisyphus, you go to Bouldy to give him Nectar. You will receive a special gift from him.
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