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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Guide

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Monsters | Factions Gwent Guide

Last update: Thursday, July 6, 2017

The army of Monsters is led to battle by Eredin, Dagon, or Unseen Elder. Depending on the chosen Leader, the deck relies on playing weather effects, consuming other units, or combining both options. Its ranks are filled by terrifying and bloodthirsty beasts as well as ghosts and other supernatural beings, some of which are immune to even the harshest frost or dense fog. Monsters' strength are their numbers so you will have to face their hordes many a time.

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1. Monsters' strength are their ability to play weather effects. In their ranks, there are units that summon Frost, Fog, and Rain. Also, they are often immune to these weather effects.

2. Currently, you can encounter 3 archetypes of Monsters decks:

  • A deck relying on Consuming, composed of units that can Consume their own units and units in the opponent's deck or graveyard. To counter such a deck, one needs units that can Lock or Demote.
  • A deck relying on playing weather effects to hinder the opponent's efforts in building a solid pool of points. Cards that can dispel adverse weather conditions, like First Light, are a must against such a deck.
  • A combination of the above. This is perhaps the hardest deck to counter because it has many means of making the opponent's life miserable.

3. Remember that Wild Hunt Riders stay on the board for the next round if you lost the current one.

4. Bear in mind that Monsters decks might consist of units that benefit from Fog (Foglet, Ancient Foglet). Keep in mind that summoning Fog to the board may also summon free Foglets from the opponent's deck. Ancient Foglet, when affected by Fog, increases its Power by 1 point every turn.

5. If you play a deck that relies on Resurrecting, you might come across a Monsters deck that includes Griffins. These creatures let the player pick a Bronze unit from the opponent's graveyard. Pay attention not to lose a key card after it was moved to the graveyard.

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