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Borlis Pass (Cooperative Mission) | Northern Shiverpeaks Guild Wars Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Borlis Pass (Mission)
Borlis Pass (Mission)

Borlis Pass

The Shiverpeaks rise up over ten-thousand feet above sea level. In the shadow of this enormous mountain range lie the kingdoms of Kryta to the west and Ascalon to the east. Borlis Pass is the closest travelable passage through the mountains to the city of Rin. The next closest lies much farther north, deep in Charr territory.

Henchmen Level 8

Little Thom (Brawler Henchman), Claude (Cultist Henchman), Alesia (Healer Henchman), Orion (Mage Henchman), Stefan (Fighter Henchman), Reyna (Archer Henchman), Dunham (Enchanter Henchman).

Beccum Reedly

Hadya (Merchant)

Xunlai Agent (Storage)

Borlis Pass (Cooperative Mission)

You can enter this map by selecting ""Enter Mission"" in Borlis Pass location.

Mission: Negotiate passage to Grooble's Gulch and shelter for the Ascalon refugees. Ignite all the storm beacons to light the way through the storm. Find out what happened to Prince Rurik's negotiations with Dwarf king Jalis Ironhammer. ADDED: Break through the locked gate into Maladar's Fort. ADDED: Bring an end to the siege of Krok's Hollow. Destroy the ballistae and the forces outside the gates. ADDED: Light the magical signal beacons. Reward: 1000 xp, 1 Skill Points.

*BONUS* Kill the ice drakes. Reward: 1000 xp

After complete this Mission you will gain access to The Frost Gate location.

01 Start

Ascalon Guard Hayden (Gives you a Torch to ignite all 6 Storm Beacons on the way down)

02 Gate

Ascalon Guard Tolis (Opens the Gate when you lit al the storm beacons).

03 Maladar's Fort Gate

You need to blow up the Gate using Powder Keg from Dwarven Powder Keg Station (Supply of Explosives).

04 Maladar's Fort

2 Ballistae (Destroy them)

05 Prison

Rornak Stonesledge (You need to use Powder Keg to blow up the gate to get inside the prison)

*BONUS* Kill the ice drakes.

TIP: In order to complete it, you must blow open the planks holding back the snow in his cell. It may take several kegs to blow it up. Once open, go through the cave to find the Ice Drake.

06 Cave

Whiskar Featherstorm (Ice Drake for Bonus Quest)

07 Gate

Use Gate Switch to open it.

08 Krok's Hollow Gate

Gate to Krok's Hollow will open when all ballistae and guards will be destroyed.

2 Ballistae (Destroy them)

09 Krok's Hollow

Prince Rurik

King Jalis Ironhammer (He give you a Torch to light the signal beacons)

10 Storm Beacon

Use torch to light up all 3 beacons.

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