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The Catacombs | Pre-Searing Ascalon Guild Wars Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Catacombs (Pre-Searing)
The Catacombs (Pre-Searing)

The Catacombs

01 Entrance to Ashford Abbey

Necromacer Munne (Necromancer Trainer)

Necromancer Quest: The Necromancer's Novice. Get past the fire traps in the burning section of the catacombs. (Use bone horrors to trigger the traps). Return to Necromancer Munne for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, skills: Life siphon, Deathly Swarm, Animate Bone Horror.

Quest: Rites of Remembrance. Light candles on all four braziers in the catacombs to appease the angry spirits. Return to Necromancer Munne for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, Focus Item (Energy +3).

Karleen (Collector)

5 Gargoyle Skulls: Storm Artifact (Energy +3), Holy Rod (Fire Dmg: 2-4), Crimson Carapace Shield (Armor: 4), Inscribed Staff (Energy +3, Chaos Dmg: 2-4, Two-handed).

Gwynn (Collector)

3 Sleketal Limbs: Cane (Chaos Dmg: 2-4), Frost Artifact (Energy +3), Holy Staff (Energy +3, Fire Dmg: 2-4, Two-handed), War Hammer (Blunt Dmg: 6-9, Two-handed), Class Specific Leggings (Armor: 12).


Oberan the Reviled (Necromancer Trainer - Curses Specialization)

Necromancer Quest: The Accursed Path. Go south and destroy all the crypt fiends there. Return to Oberan the Reviled for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, skills: Soul Barbs, Faintheartedness.


Statue of Grenth


Remembrance Brazier (for Quest: Rites of Remembrance)


Corpse of Prized Moa Bird (for Quest: The Prize Moa Bird)

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