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Ascalon City (Capital City) | Pre-Searing Ascalon Guild Wars Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lakeside County (Pre-Searing)
Lakeside County (Pre-Searing)

Ascalon City

The largest city in the kingdom. Ascalon City is known for beautiful architecture, numerous libraries, and bountiful shops. Becouse it is where many noble families makes their home, it tends to receive the largest number of visitors and has become the cultural center of Ascalon.

Town Crier at Ascalon Academy Gate

Primary Quest: Message from a friend. Go to the town square in Ascalon City. Talk to Sir Tydus. Reward: 100 xp, 10 gold.

Armin Saberlinm

Primary Quest: A Second Profession. To pick second profession, you need to speak with proper trainer. If yu wish you can visit all trainers to check what they can offer you. Reward: 250 xp.

Primary Quest: The Path to Glory. Go to Ascalon City to speak to Sir Tydus. Reward: 100 xp.

Sir Tydus

Primary Quest: War Preparations. Go out the gate to Lakeside County and Talk to [Trainer]. Reward: 250 xp.

NOTE: There is class related [Trainer]


Primary Quest: Poor Tenant. Follow the road southwest from town to Ashford. Find Miller Upton and ask him to help Namar. Use the honeycomb to lure the three bee swarms across the bridge. Return to Miller Upton for your reward. Reward: 500 xp, Focus Item (Energy +3).

Baron Egan

Quest: Bandit Raid. Recover the Ashford strongbox from the bandits. Return the strongbox to Devona in Ashford. See Devona for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, Focus Item (Energy +3), Tall Shield (Armor: 4).

Quest: The Poison Devourer. Cross the river and destroy the plague devourer to get a poisonous stinger. Deliver the poisonous stinger to Brother Mhenlo in Ashford Abbey. Reward: 250 xp, Focus Item (Energy +3).

Sandre Elek

Quest: The Wayward Wizard. Talk to Ralena Stormbringer in Foible's Fair to learn Orion's whereabouts. Find Orion in Wizard's Folly and convince him to come home. Return to Sandre Elek for your reward. Rewards: 250 xp, Smiting Staff (Energy +3), Light Dmg: 2-4, Two-handed).

Prince Rurik

Quest: Charr at the Gate. Follow Rurik and help him defeat the Charr. Return to Prince Rurik for your reward. Reward: 200 xp, Long Sword (Slashing Dmg: 5-7).

Quest: Charr in the Catacombs. Find out if the Charr Ranger is using the catacombs. Speak to Brother Mhenlo in Ashford Abbey. Ask Necromacer Munne if she has any information on the Charr. Seek out Oberan the Reviled deep within the catacombs. Ask him about Charr Ranger. Return to Rurik in Ascalon City and show him the sharp charr tooth. Reward: 250 xp, 100g.

Town Crier at Lakeside County Gate

Quest: Trouble in the Woods. Go to Lakeside County and follow the road to Ashford. talk to Devona about the Grawl threat. Go with Devona and destroy the Grawl threatening Ashford. See Devona for your reward. Reward: 500 xp, War Hammer (Blunt Dmg: 6-9, Two-handed).


Sanura (Merchant) - General goods

Elias (Weapons) - Customize weapon


Lyhlo Axe of Fortitude (Slashing Dmg: 5-10) (4 Iron Ingots +1 Wood Plank), Ascalon Bow (Piercing Dmg: 7-10, Two-handed) (5 Wood Planks), Inscribed Chakram (Energy +4, Armor: 5) (1 Iron Ingot), Jeweled Chalice (Energy +3, Armor: 5) (1 Iron Ingot), Grim Cesta (Energy +3, Armor: 5) (1 Bone), Idol (Energy +3, Armor: 5) (1 Granite Slab), Grim Cesta (Energy +3, Armor: 5) (1 Bone), Storm Artifact (Energy +3, Armor: 5) (1 Pile of Glittering Dust), Flame Artifact (Energy +3, Armor: 5) (1 Pile of Glittering Dust), Healing Ankh (Energy +3, Armor: 5) (1 Granite Slab), Protective Icon (Energy +3, Armor: 5) (1 Granite Slab), Foehammer (Blunt Dmg: 13-20, req. 3 Hammer Mastery, Two-handed) (3 Iron Ingots + 2 Wood Planks), Rinblade (Slashing Dmg: 10-14, req. 3 Swordsmanship) (5 Iron Ingots).

Guild Registrar

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