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Thirsty River (Cooperative Mission) | Crystal Desert Guild Wars Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thirsty River (Mission)
Thirsty River (Mission)

Thirsty River

One look at this dry and desolate gorge tells the tale of its naming. Where once flowed a mighty river that shaped the land over millennia, now wind and sand make their way along deep channels, now little more than an echo of the past.

Henchmen Level 17

Little Thom (Brawler Henchman), Claude (Cultist Henchman), Alesia (Healer Henchman), Orion (Mage Henchman), Stefan (Fighter Henchman), Reyna (Archer Henchman), Dunham (Enchanter Henchman), Lina (Protector Henchman).

Ghostly Hero

Kinsley (Merchant)

Xunlai Agent (Storage)

Thirsty River (Cooperative Misson)

You can enter this map by selecting "Enter Mission" in Thirsty River location.

Mission: Annihilate the opposing enemy teams. Defeat Goss Aleesh's Team. Defeat Issah Sshay's Team. Defeat Hessper Sasso's Team. Defeat Josso Essher's Team. Defeat Lyssha Suss's Team. Defeat Kesskah Shissh's Team. Rewars: 1000 xp, 1 Skill Point.

TIP: The trick is to attack only one team at time and kill all monsters, especially enemy Monk before 2 minutes time limit. If enemy Monk lives he will be resurrecting all monsters every 2 minutes. Always start to attack enemy team at the beginning of the time cycle. This is essential when you fight on multiple team arenas. Eliminate all enemies from one team first, then wait for resurrection cycle is turning on before you attack next team.

*BONUS* Cleanse the area before King Khimaar's spirit is driven away. Reward: 1000 xp.

You need to complete this Mission to unlock Ascension Mission.

01 Start

TIP: Kill the Sand Giants for receive morale boost.

02 Wooden Gate

Ghostly Hero

*BONUS* Cleanse the area before King Khimaar's spirit is driven away.

NOTE: King Khimaar's is at the Arena 3. You need just be fast enough to get there before he leaves.

03 Arena 1

NOTE: You have to eliminate only one enemy team here.

04 Arena 2

NOTE: You have to eliminate two enemy teams here.

05 Arena 3

NOTE: You have to eliminate three enemy teams here. Start from the right (northern) team, then move counter-clockwise to the southwestern and next to the last one - southeastern team.

King Khimaar's (Monster for *BONUS* Quest)

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