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Riverside Province (Cooperative Mission) | Southern Kryta Guild Wars Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Riverside Province (Mission)
Riverside Province (Mission)

Riverside Province

The Ullen River originates from the farthest south of the Footprint Lakes. The river flows west into the jungle, then turns decidedly south at the Henge of Denravi. Its swift currents and shallow inlets would make it an ideal trading river but for the fact that there are few settlements on its banks.

Henchmen Level 15

Little Thom (Brawler Henchman), Claude (Cultist Henchman), Alesia (Healer Henchman), Orion (Mage Henchman), Stefan (Fighter Henchman), Reyna (Archer Henchman), Dunham (Enchanter Henchman).

Blade Warrior Derikk

Samuel (Merchant)

Xunlai Agent (Storage)

Riverside Province (Cooperative Mission)

You can enter this map by selecting "Enter Mission" in Riverside Province location.

Mission: Steal the Scepter of Orr. Avoid detection on your way to the temple. Talk to Dinas to get the scepter. Escape to the bridge to the Northeast. Reward: 1000 xp, 1 Skill Point.

*BONUS* Take out the Watchman at each tower, so Saidra can get the weapons through. Reward: 1000 xp.

After complete this Mission you gain access to Sanctum Cay location.

01 Start

02 Watchtower

Kill all patrols before retake the tower.

03 Gate

Saidra - She gives you *BONUS* Quest after retake the first Watchtower.

*BONUS* Take out the Watchman at each tower, so Saidra can get the weapons through.

04 Watchtower (for *BONUS*)

NOTE: All these Watchtowers need to be retaken to complete the *BONUS*. Its difficult task so gather or join good party.

05 Guarded Gate

TIP: You need to provoke guards to leave their sentry and then quick move through the gate. If you are doing *BONUS* and want to take out the tower here, kill guards at this Gate first.

06 Temple

Dinas - He gives you Scepter of Orr (Item)

After in-game movie you are leaving Temple using the backdoor. Keep moving to the bridge trying to avoid patrols.

07 Wooden Bridge

To finish this mission kill boss and cross this bridge. On the other side is safety place of Sanctum Cay.

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