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Sage Lands, Druid's Ovelook (Town) | Maguuma Jungle Guild Wars Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sage Lands
Sage Lands

Druid's Overlook

Located in the dry upper region of the Maguuma Jungle, Druid's Overllok provides a spectacular and deceptively pleasant view of the harsh and deadly Sage Lands below. This area was once home to a sacred fountain dedicated to Dwayna, whose statue now lies in pieces in the brush.

Henchmen Level 12

Little Thom (Brawler Henchman), Claude (Cultist Henchman), Alesia (Healer Henchman), Orion (Mage Henchman), Stefan (Fighter Henchman), Reyna (Archer Henchman), Dunham (Enchanter Henchman).

Trader Versai (Merchant)

Primary Quest: A Brother's Fury. Speak with Justiciar Thommis. Speak with House Ranger Amon, House Ranger Lanalt and House Ranger Rionel. See Witness Giselle for your reward. Reward: 500 xp, Longbow (Piercing Dmg: 13-25, req. 8 Marksmanship, Two-handed), Smiting Rod (Light Dmg: 4-7, req. 5 Smiting Prayers).

Quest: Eye for Profit. Find Grahm in the Sage Lands. Slay Gale Stormsend and obtain the Lilac Eye. Return the Lilac Eye to Trader Versai. Reward: 500 xp, skills: Air Attunement (E), Hex Breaker (Me), Smite Hex (Mo), Dark Bond (N), Antidote Signet (R), Axe Rake (W).

Envoy Ero

Quest: Mysterious Message. Drop the mysterious message into the hollow log. Let Alari Doubleblade know that the message has been delivered. Reward: 500 xp, skills: Stone Daggers (E), Ethereal Burden (Me), Healing Seed (Mo), Well of Suffering (N), Storm Chaser (R), Pure Strike (W).

Acatar of Dwayna

NOTE: To make the Avatar of Dwayna appear, your have to kneel at the Statue of Dwayna.

Quest: Wisdom of the Druids. Travel through the Sage Lands and await the druids at the base of the waterfall. Reward: 500 xp.

TIP: When Druids Spirits appears speak to Ancient Druid Spirit for your reward.

Xunlai Agent (Storage)

Mosreh the Exile (Collector)

5 Ebon Spider Legs: Gloves (Armor: 61).

Sage Lands

01 Entrance to Druid's Overlook

Justicar Thoommis (for Primary Quest: A Brother's Fury)

House Ranger Marco (for Primary Quest: A Brother's Fury)


House Ranger Amon (for Primary Quest: A Brother's Fury)


House Ranger Lanalt (for Primary Quest: A Brother's Fury)


House Ranger Rionel (for Primary Quest: A Brother's Fury)


Elwynn Kirby (Collector)

5 Tangled Seeds: Archer's Mask (Armor: 61)

06 Southern Lake

Grahm (for Quest: Eye for Profit)

07 Wooden Tower

Aaron Fletcher (Collector)

5 Ancient Eyes: Tamer's Mask (Armor: 61)

08 Statue of Lyssa

09 Waterfall

Gale Stormsend (Monster for Quest: Eye for Profit) - He drops Lilac Eye (Quest Item for Quest: Eye for Profit)

Ancient Druid Spirit, Spirit of the Druid (for Quest: Wisdom of the Druids)

NOTE: You need to wait at the base of the waterfall and defend yourself from Maguuma Spiders before they appears. After short conversation try to speak to Ancient Druid Spirit.

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