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North Kryta Province, The Ascalon Settlement | Northern Kryta Guild Wars Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

North Kryta Province
North Kryta Province

North Kryta Province

01 Entrance to Lion's Arch

Lionguard Riddik

Quest: Duties of a Lionguard. Look for Lionguard Orrin at Miraba's farm. Speak with Miraba for your reward. Reward: 500 xp.

Damaris, Mhenlo, Cynn, Aidan, Devona (Mercenaries)

Quest: The Ascalon Settlement. Speak with Devona. Lead your party north to the Ascalon Settlement. See Captain Greywind for your reward. Reward: 500 xp, skills: Lightning Orb (E), Wastrel's Worry (Me), Heal Other (Mo), Enfeeble (N), Throw Dirt (R), Final Thrust (W).

02 Miraba's Farm


Quest: Bandit Trouble. Tell Mantle Knight Karriya of Miraba's bandit problem. Deliver the Token of Janthir to Miraba. Reward: 500 xp, Tall Shield ( Armor: 9, req. 6 Tactics).

Leighton Cranford (Collector)

4 Bog Skale Fins: Cane (Chaos Dmg: 5-10, req. 6 Illusion Magic), Bone Staff (Energy +6, Cold Dmg: 5-10, req. 6 Death Magic, Two-handed), Fire Wand (Fire Dmg: 5-10, req. 6 Fire Magic), Smiting Staff (Energy +6, Light Dmg: 5-10, req. 6 Smiting Prayers, Two-handed), Battle Axe of Fortitude (Dmg: 7-19, req. 6 Axe Mastery).

03 Mill

Wintun the Black (Collector)

4 Feathered Caromi Scalps: Inscribed Chakram (Energy +8, req. 6 Domination Magic), Grim Cesta (Energy +8, req. 6 Blood Magic), Scroll (Energy +8, req. 6 Energy Storage), Protective Icon (Energy +8, req. 6 Protective Prayers), Fire Staff (Energy +6, Fire Dmg: 5-10, req. 6 Fire Magic, Two-handed).

04 Swamp

Archivist Ithimar

Quest: Graven Images. Protect Archivist Ithimar from the Nightmares. Return to Archivist Ithimar for your reward. Reward: 600 xp, skills: Inferno (E), Mantra of Lightning (Me), Dwayna's Kiss (Mo), Dark Aura (N), Determined Shot (R), Axe Twist (W).

05 Riuins

Prize-Winning Hog (for Quest: The Last Hog)


Cella de Hooded (Ranger Boss for Quest: Malaquire's Test)

Ranger skills: Barbed Trap (R), Choking Gas (R), Energizing Wind (R), Troll Urgent (R).

The Ascalon Settlement

Captain Greywind (Skills) (for Quest: The Ascalon Settlement)

Quest: Blankets for the Settlers. Go to Nebo Village with the Militia Weapons (Quest Item). Talk to Etham the Artisan and trade the weapons for blankets. Take the Settlement Blankets (Quest Item) to Captain Greywind. Reward: 500 xp, Longbow (Piercing Dmg: 12-21, req. 6 Marksmanship, Two-handed).

Quest: Reversing the Skales. Head to the Scoundrel's Rise east of North Kryta Province. Find the cause of the undead's westward movement. Lord Timot is the source of the undead movement. Destroy him. Return to Captain Greywind for your reward. Reward: 500 xp, Focus Item (Energy +8, req. 6 Healing Prayers), Smiting Rod (Light Dmg: 5-10, req. 6 Smiting Prayers).

Farmer Dirk

Quest: The Last Hog. Find Farmer Dirk last remaining prize-winning hog and chase it back to him. Reward: 500 xp, skills: Gale (E), Leech Signet (Me), Life Attunement (Mo), Blood Ritual (N), Otyugh's Cry (R), Staggering Blow (W).

Helton Wills (Collector)

4 Hardened Humps: Jeweled Staff (Energy +6, Chaos Dmg: 5-10, req. 6 Illusion Magic, Two-handed), Idol (Energy +8, req. 6 Curses), Scroll (Energy +8, req. 6 Earth Magic), Holy Rod (Fire Dmg: 5-10, req. 6 Divine Favor), Storm Artifact (Energy +8 req. 6 Air Magic), Ascalon Bow (Piercing Dmg: 12-21, req. 6 Marksmanship, Two-handed).

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