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Griftlands Guide

Griftlands Guide

Through the apocalyptic world with cards This Griftlands guide explains all basic aspects of the game. Here, you will find a comprehensive walkthrough to Griftlands and a handful of tips to help you.

This Griftlands guide explains all basic aspects of the game. Here, you will find a comprehensive walkthrough to Griftlands and a handful of tips to help you. Griftlands was created by Klei Entertainment studio, known for such games as Don't Starve or Oxygen Not Included. Griftlands is a card game, but has a few custom roguelike game mechanics. During the game you improve your deck of cards and form alliances with randomly generated characters. Griftlands is currently in the Alpha phase, however, it will receive new content within time.

Griftlands is primarily a card game - Griftlands Guide

Griftlands in a nutshell

Griftlands is primarily a card game. In this game you use a deck to play or even two decks of cards. One of them is used during duels (battle deck) and the other one is used during conversations/negotiations (negotiation deck). In each of them we use separate cards. The main goal of the first campaign, in which you play Sal - your goal is to confront with Kashio, the former enemy of our heroine. 2 more campaigns will be available in the future.

Starting the game there is no possibility to modify our deck of cards in the beginning - Griftlands Guide

Starting the game there is no possibility to modify our deck of cards in the beginning. This changes after you complete some card duels. For each game players receive points, which unlock subsequent packages with cards to their deck. After you start the game, you witness a plot scene that describes the situation in the land where the action takes place.

The first location where you play is Grog nDog bar, which is owned by an old friend of our heroine - Griftlands Guide

The first location where you play is "Grog n'Dog" bar, which is owned by an old friend of our heroine. You receive one of the 3 random starter bonuses from her and can learn more about the world. At the end of the conversation you receive information from her about 3 characters who commission some tasks and quests for you. After leaving this place, a completely new adventure begins.


In this part of the guide you will learn the basic mechanics used in Griftlands. You will find here a handful of valuable tips (especially handy for those who start their adventure with Griftlands), information about the game's interface, as well as the deck of cards system.

  1. 10 Key Starting Tips
  2. Game interface
  3. Building a strong deck of cards

Where can I buy Griftlands?

Currently, Griftlans is available in Epic Games Store. It is available from July 11, 2019 as an open alpha version. At the moment Griftlands cannot be bought on Steam, but it shall be expected on this platform for June 2020.

System Requirements

System requirements of Griftlands are not shocking and you don't need a "NASA PC" to enjoy the gameplay. It is worth noting, however, that the game requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. Because of this, the game may not work on older computers or laptops. Currently the only language in the game is English.

1 - Griftlands Guide

About Griftlands Guide

Author : Jakub "Ja-Cop" Klimek for

Translator : Filip "Mithgandir" Liebert

last update : July 23, 2019

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Griftlands Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Klei Entertainment
  • publisher: Klei Entertainment
  • platform: PC

A post-apocalyptic role-playing game by Klei Entertainment, in which everything has its price. You play as a hero wandering the hostile wasteland and your task is to amass a fortune.

Griftlands is a post-apocalyptic RPG developed by Klei Entertainment above all, the creators of the Don't Starve series, a stealth-action game Mark of the Ninja, or a space colony simulator Oxygen Not Included. The developer is known for experimenting with different genres this time, the studio delivered an RPG with economic elements.

The universe of Griftlands is definitely not human-friendly. Harbour settlements covered with rust, dirty factories, dusty stores or ugly taverns are the only traces of civilization, separating small communities from unfriendly wilderness filled with monsters and other filth. Additionally, the world is inhabited by various intelligent races of humanoid beings. Some of the characters one meets can resemble snails, sallow-skinned warriors with horns, or furry animals, such as cats. Two-legged robots are not mere machines, as they are also independent units with their own motivations and personalities.

This is where the player-controlled character lands they get off the ship having nothing more than what they are wearing. From now on, they will have to make their living by fighting, trading, recruiting comrades, and travelling from one location to another in search of an abundant life. The protagonist is a skilled speaker however, and in the world of Griftlands, everything undergoes negotiationsGriftlands allows the player to choose a character and lead them through a bumpy road to success. Conversations with plenty of more and less important characters inhabiting the game world constitute one of the key elements of the experience. Speaking with a bartender at a local tavern gets the player a portion of fresh information and a bottle of a strong drink; redundant parts of equipment, as well as different findings, can be sold to a shopkeeper; one can also talk to a henchman looking for work or to a major-league employer that is willing to pay for the protagonist's services. What underlies this part of the game, are negotiations that can influence the amount of payment or change the attitude of a teammember towards the protagonist.

Sooner or later, someone appears though, who prefers to take care of matters the hard way. The player deals with their enemies during turn-based fighting sequences featuring arcade elements, so combat is similar to the systems present in South Park: The Stick of Truth. Melee weapons, futuristic arms, and combat skills of one's teammembers are quite diverse, so winning a fight requires good tactical thinking.

Completing assignments and defeating enemies earns the player experience points allowing them to develop the particular characters. The player can act in accordance with their moral principles, but if they decide to get extra money by conducting a robbery or doing something even "less legal", they have to remember that law enforcers will be after them.

The player's team often visits unfriendly areas during short expeditions over time, journeys from one town to another become the crew's routine. The map is viewed from an isometric perspective and it allows to travel between the key locations, such as monster dens, spots for having a rest, or settlements. When a long journey becomes tiring, one can recover and replenish supplies once they have set up camp. Sitting by a campfire in the evening creates a perfect atmosphere for deeper conversations with the companions.

Griftlands offers a stylized mixture of graphical features. During the story-based conversations and cut-scenes, the game presents the cartoonish, 2D graphic style, which has become a trademark of Klei Entertainment. While travelling between locations, the action is presented from an isometric view, which allows to move freely in the game's environment.

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