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Green Hell Guide

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Green Hell: Starting tips Green Hell guide, tips

When you start your adventure in Green Hell, you need to learn about the basic rules of the jungle. The following page in our guide to Green Hell provides tips that will help you start the game smoothly.

Build a shelter

You need to find a place to sleep. Shelters allow not only to sleep but also to save the game. One of the simplest constructions that you can put is hut shelter. It requires:

  1. 8x stick
  2. 3x long stick
  3. 13x palm leaf
  4. 1x rope

You shouldn't have problems with collecting these materials before the first day expires.

Remember the characteristic points of the environment

You need to move around the map to find supplies - Green Hell: Starting tips - Mechanics - Green Hell Guide

You need to move around the map to find supplies. You will often have to move away from your camp. Lighting a bonfire whose smoke can point the location of the camp is dangerous. Hostile people will see it, too. Therefore, it is safer to remember objects that stand out from the environment. Thanks to them, you will be able to navigate more efficiently and return to the camp.

Do not drink dirty water (unless you really have to)

One of the basic needs that you will have to satisfy is thirst. The map is filled with all kinds of water bodies. They are mostly dirty, though. You can recognize them by the bronze color. If you drink this water, you will probably get parasites that will increase your need for nutrients.

Don't collect more things than you need

The capacity of your inventory is limited, so collecting everything won't help you. In addition, the collected fruits have a certain expiration date. That is why you have to plan what you want to build and focus on searching for specific materials.

You don't need to follow the blueprints

At the initial stage of the game, your notebook will contain the most basic blueprints. These aren't all the objects you can build. If a combination of objects seems logical to you, you can try them in the crafting panel. If they create a functional object, you will be able to craft it.

An example of such an item is an axe. You need the following items:

  1. 2x small stone
  2. 1x stick
  3. 1x rope

Thanks to this item, you will be able to cut trees safely.

Control your health

Your status is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen - Green Hell: Starting tips - Mechanics - Green Hell Guide

Your status is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen. There, you will find not only a health bar but also information related to diseases and open wounds. Therefore, you need to regularly look at this indicator. That way, you will avoid death.

Always carry bandages

During the game, you will encounter predators or fall down from heights. Because of that, you should always carry bandages. Their blueprint is available from the very beginning of the game, so you shouldn't have any problems with making them.

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