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Green Hell Guide

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Green Hell: Diseases Green Hell guide, tips

Survival in the jungle will often cost you a lot of health. In Grren Hell, your protagonist can develop many diseases and injuries. The following page contains information related to this issue. You will learn how to treat diseases.

Start body inspection right after you notice its icon above the health bar. Use this mechanic to determine where the problem lies and to solve it.


One of the most common ailments that can get you - Green Hell: Diseases - Mechanics - Green Hell Guide

One of the most common ailments that can get you. You can get a few leeches by simply walking among moist vegetation. To get rid of them, all you have to do is go into the body inspection panel and unhook them from the body.

A worm under the skin

You can sleep on the ground. However, this is not advisable, because you can wake up with a worm under the skin. Its removal requires a bone needle, which you can get by processing a bone.

Once a worm is removed, it will leave a wound. For safety reasons, bandage it as fast as you can.


Drinking dirty water will cause a parasitic disease. It won't kill you, but you will need to eat more food to replenish the nutrients. Getting rid of unwanted friends will require you to eat the right food.

The Unknown mushroom works great here - Green Hell: Diseases - Mechanics - Green Hell Guide

The Unknown mushroom works great here. You will recognize it by an orange, slightly curved cap. It usually grows on fallen tree trunks.

Food poisoning

You can get food poisoning by eating an unknown plant or meat that wasn't cooked. This causes you to vomit which will quickly dehydrate you and make you lose some of the nutrients. You can cure your character by eating Water Lily Flower. This flower can be found on the surface of unsafe water reservoirs.

Open wounds

While exploring the map, your character can fall from various places. They can end up with you getting an open wound. You need to bandage it as fast as you can. Otherwise, you can get an infection. To treat open wounds, you need bandages. You can craft them from Molineria. It is a small plant with yellow flowers - you can find on the entire map.


If you come across an ant-hill or a hive, your character can get bitten. After that, he will get a rash. This lowers your sanity level. However, it will disappear after a while.

Venom wound

Rattlesnakes and poisonous spiders live in the jungle. If you are bitten, the poison will enter your body, taking away your life. This is a dangerous situation, because it can end in the death of the main character. You can get rid of venom by eating the same mushroom that removes parasitic disease.


Not really a disease, but it greatly affects the health of the hero. Eating with dirty hands can lead to parasitic disease. Dirt can also contribute to faster infection of wounds.

You can get rid of dirt by simply washing yourself.

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