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Green Hell Guide

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Green Hell: Hunger and thirst Green Hell guide, tips

Hunger and thirst are basic needs that you will have to satiate when playing Green Hell. These parameters affect your state of health. Neglecting them will end tragically for you. The following chapter contains the most important information related to this gameplay element.

The watch on the character's hand informs you about your needs. Use it and you will see indicators showing which nutrients you need in your body. These include water, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The lower the value, the greater the demand for the nutrient. If one of the indicators reaches a critically low value, a watch icon will appear next to the health bar. When it goes down to zero, you will start to lose health.


Thirst is the most basic need that you will have to satisfy. This is also the fastest decreasing indicator, so you must always have a supply of water with you. There are several water intakes on the map. However, not all of them are the same. The game has hree types of water - dirty, unsafe and clean. The degree of purity depends on whether you will have parasites after drinking or not.

Dirty water gives a 100% guarantee of getting a parasitic disease - Green Hell: Hunger and thirst - Mechanics - Green Hell Guide

Dirty water gives a 100% guarantee of getting a parasitic disease. Unsafe water has a similar risk, but it won't always happen. Clean water is completely safe.

Water reservoirs will offer you mainly the first two types of water. Drinking water in its "raw" state carries a risk of getting the disease. To prevent this, you need to boil water. You can do this by pouring water into a dish and placing it by the fire. You can use a bowl - this item can be found in the natives' villages.

An additional source of water is some of the fruits. In most cases, this is just a small bonus. An exception here is coconut, which is used only for quenching the thirst.

Also, some parts of the map are completely cut off from the water and traveling there requires you to carry water supplies. You can collect them in water bidons made of coconuts.


The need for nutrients is another parameter that you need to pay attention to. It is divided into three independent indicators: fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Each of them requires the right type of food.

You can get carbohydrates from various kinds of fruits. The most common is a banana. You will find it on the trees, near the characteristic red fruits.

You can get fats from different types of nuts - Green Hell: Hunger and thirst - Mechanics - Green Hell Guide

You can get fats from different types of nuts. You will find them during exploration. They can often fall down when are you passing them by.

As for amino acids, this is more complicated. The source of this nutrient, which does not require any processing, are larvae and maggots. You will find them on dead animals or near tree trunks. However, they have little nutritional value and, in addition, negatively affect mental health. That's why you have to hunt. The simplest way is to set traps and regularly check them. If you find an animal in them, you can get raw meat.

However, eating unprocessed meat is unprofitable - Green Hell: Hunger and thirst - Mechanics - Green Hell Guide

However, eating unprocessed meat is unprofitable. You will only get food poisoning, which will lead to the "reduction" of nutrients in your body. Therefore, take the raw meat to the campfire, and then cook it. In this way, you will not only gain a whole and safe food but also improve your mental health.

Also, be sure not to accumulate excess food. Most of the food you collect has a set expiration date. After that, the food will spoil. Eating it will result in food poisoning.

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