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Graveyard Keeper Game Guide by

Graveyard Keeper Game Guide

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Map Graveyard Keeper
Map Graveyard Keeper
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Map and NPCs in Graveyard Keeper Graveyard Keeper Guide and Walkthrough

Last update: Monday, September 3, 2018

Key points of Map Graveyard Keeper

All the locations available in Graveyard Keeper are marked on the map above. We have also prepared descriptions of the most important NPCs.


To get access to the vineyard you need to unlock the garden and open the passage to the Witch Hill. However, if you want to use the workbench you have to fulfill the task for the Inquisitor, just bring him 10 wines with the silver star required for the quest.

Inquisitor arrives every week, on every Day of Wrath. You will meet him for the first time on his way to Witch Hill during the first Day of Wrath. You will start by chatting with him. After that, he will ask about your intentions. Then, he will let you into the Witch Hill. From this moment, you will be able to get to the Vineyard and plant grapes there. You can buy grape seeds from the Merchant.


Clotho is a witch who lives in the swamps. She gives you Alchemy Workbench, Hand Mixer and Alchemy Mill. The witch also sells ingredients for potions as well as recipes for potions and spices.


Episcop is the first NPC you will meet in the game. He takes care of the graveyard and the church. He also gives you the first quest in which you have to renovate the graveyard. Complete it to unlock the church.


Inquisitor can be found on every Day of Wrath. The first meeting with him takes place on the road that leads to Witch Hill (on the first Day of Wrath). You can either cooperate with him or decline his offer.


Miller works at the mill. Repair the mill to be able to work together with the Miller. Otherwise, he will keep saying that he can't do anything. However, you can trade with him without having to earn friendship points.


The Farmer sells seeds, vegetables and fruits. He goes to his home during nights if you have less than 80 reputation points with him. The Farmer starts with 3 silver coins and gets 10 bronze coins every day.


Cory is an engineer/stonemason. He can be found right near the Beekeeper. He goes to his home during nights if you have less than 80 reputation points with him. During the day he sells stones and items crafted from this resource. Cory starts with 5 silver coins and gets 10 bronze coins every day.

The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper sells apiary products and bees. These items are very expensive - collect more coins before you visit him.


Adam sells pottery products - Ceramic bowls, Ceramic jug and Porcelain pitcher.


Woodcutter won't sell you anything. However, he has a quest for you - bring him an iron axe. You can speak with him again and give him a regular axe. The rewards are recipes for Lasagna and Pasta.


Tress is right next to the Woodcutter. He goes to his home during nights if you have less than 80 reputation points with him. During the day he sells wood and items crafted from this resource. Cory starts with 5 silver coins and gets 10 bronze coins every day.


Shephard is Rosa's husband. You can buy Peat from him at the price of 2 brown coins.


Rosa is Shephard's wife. She sells dairy products - Butter, Cheese, Bucket of milk and Jug of milk.


Merchant appears once a week, on Day of Gluttony. He likes good food and he can buy every meal from you. He wants to start a business with you.


Krezvold is a blacksmith who lives in the eastern part of the village. He sells tools, resources and whetstones. You can buy new equipment from him. However, this is unprofitable. Goes home right after a sunset.

The Gypsy Baron

The Gypsy Baron lives near sea. He can't move from there because of the broken bridge. He has a quest for you: bring him 4 Quality Fish Fillet (name change from version +1.0).


Dig lives outside the village's center. Sells hemp products. He spends nights in his tent. Bring him 5 Honey if you want to start a conversation.


Astrologer can be found on Sloth Day near the Lighthouse at Sealight. Give him a skull removed from a corpse (do that the first time you meet him). After that he will give you a key for Snake.

The Lighthouse Keeper

The Lighthouse Keeper sells fish, baits and fishing rods.

The Dead Horse

There are 3 characters in The Dead Horse tavern.

Ms. Charm - she can be found on Lust Day. Bring her a necklace and some perfumes.

Vegner - he tries to impress Ms. Charm with his poetry. Bring him Ink and Paper.

Horadric - a merchant who sells food and basic resources. You can also sell him Burial certificates for 150 coins.

Miss Chain - she's Horadric's wife. You can buy recipes from her. When you get a perfume task you have to go to Miss Chain and pick up the food for Clotho from her, this is an important part of the mission.

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