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Gran Turismo 7 Guide

Gran Turismo 7 Guide

Fast cars Forza Horizon 7 guide is best Begginer's Guide, tips for tuning, list of all cars, races, methods to get awards and credits. We describe microtransactions, all licenses and how to sell and buy cars.

Last update: Friday, April 8, 2022

This Gran Turismo 7 game guide contains practical tips, tricks and information about Polyphony Digital's production. From our guide, you will learn the basics of the game, how to improve your driving skills and how to get the most valuable rewards for advancing in your career.

The career mode walkthrough is one of the guide's most important chapters. It provides a detailed overview of all 39 menus (chapters) that make up the single player campaign. We have additionally included walkthroughs of all licenses and their challenges, information about the endgame and a list of all free cars which you can unlock as you advance in your career.

Another important chapter of the guide concerns earning credits. We have listed the recommended races to grind to earn the large amounts of credits required to buy expensive cars. You will also learn about microtransactions, how they affect the in-game economy and whether you can manage without them.

The most important aspect of the chapter on the basics of the game is the beginner's guide. We have also included pages on basic car controls, available difficulty levels, tuning cars, completing daily challenges, choosing the best camera mode, and more. In the FAQ chapter, we answer frequently asked questions, such as how to lower PP to meet race requirements, how to unlock all tracks, how to play in multiplayer mode, how to equip rain tires, how to download other players' paint jobs, and how to choose vehicles which are compatible with the race requirements.

The main chapters of the guide are supplemented by a series of smaller ones. Among these, the most important is the trophy guide, which details the requirements of all 54 trophies and explains how difficult it is to get the platinum trophy. We have also prepared individual pages detailing topics such as the controls (adjusting settings to your preferences, supported wheels), system requirements (graphic modes, graphics and screen settings), HUD settings, the always online requirement and how long it takes to complete career mode in GT7 and unlock 100% of the trophies.

Gran Turismo 7: Quick beginner's guide

  1. Don't buy the cars you can get for free. Throughout your career, you can receive dozens of different free vehicles, such as for obtaining licenses and completing chapters or quests. If you buy cars blindly, you may accidentally end up with two identical vehicles in your garage.
  2. Test the available camera modes in different races. The cockpit view offers the best experience, but it can also be inconvenient at times, especially if a given car has a narrow windshield or wide front pillars. We recommend the FPP camera (i.e. the bumper view) as it provides the best visibility and therefore works best while driving. You can freely change the camera depending on the specifics of a given race (e.g. at night or in the rain).
  3. You can easily gain an advantage over your competitors by increasing your PP. Competitions in the game are divided into those that have a predefined PP limit and those that don't - in the case of the latter, you can increase PP much more than is recommended and, as a result, easily out-speed the opposing cars.
  4. Try to at least complete B and A challenge licenses. This is mainly required to progress further at certain points in your career, but you will also learn the ins and outs of controlling your ride and cornering. IB, IA and Super licenses are optional, although they can also teach you a lot and help you unlock more free cars.
  5. Use the Circuit Experience to familiarise yourself with tracks. Different Circuit Experience trials were made for each available track (and all their variants). These allow you to familiarise yourself with parts of the track and complete a few laps quickly. This knowledge will pay off not only in the career mode, but also in multiplayer.

For more tips and tricks, check out the Beginner's guide page.

Gran Turismo 7: Basics

In our game guide, we discuss various topics related to the game mechanics, daily challenges and adjusting the game to your personal preferences.

  1. Driving basics
  2. Difficulty levels
  3. Selecting the optimal camera mode
  4. Daily challenges and tickets
  5. Tuning cars and their settings

Gran Turismo 7: FAQ

The FAQ chapter holds answers to frequently asked questions on obscure mechanics, game options that are locked by default, and more.

  1. Race requirements - how to meet?
  2. PP - how to lower?
  3. All tracks - how to unlock?
  4. Multiplayer - how to unlock?
  5. Rain tires - how to equip?
  6. Car repair - is it required?
  7. Player paint jobs - how to search?
  8. Body color - how to change?
  9. Nitro - how to unlock?
  10. Missing cars - how to get?

Gran Turismo 7: Career mode

The Career mode chapter of our GT7 game guide contains a complete walkthrough covering all 39 chapters. Separate pages are dedicated to licences, free cars available in career mode, and more.

  1. Menu 1 - Menu 10
  2. Menu 11 - Menu 20
  3. Menu 21 - Menu 30
  4. Menu 31 - Menu 39
  5. Endgame - what is it like?
  6. List of awarded cars
  7. B and A licenses
  8. IB, IA and Super licenses

Gran Turismo 7: Earning credits

This chapter lists the best methods to get credits quickly. These include several different scenarios consisting of races on different tracks and on different difficulty levels. Additionally, you will learn about microtransactions.

  1. Grinding - High Speed Ring
  2. Grinding - Special Stage Route X
  3. Grinding - Fisherman's Ranch
  4. Microtransactions

Gran Turismo 7: Trophies and platinum

Our Gran Turismo 7 trophy guide provides information on all 54 trophies and how to unlock them. We also answer how difficult and time consuming it is to earn the platinum trophy in GT7.

Gran Turismo 7: Language versions

GT7 includes several different language versions with support for subtitles and HUD elements. For more information on the available language versions, check out the Language versions page.

About Gran Turismo 7 Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : March 25, 2022

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Gran Turismo 7 Video Game

  • genre: Racing

  • developer: Polyphony Digital
  • publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • platform: PS4, PS5

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