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The trainers | Items and characters Gothic 3 Guide

There are a lot of trainers in Gothic 3 (because there is a lot of skills of course). I'm not going to list trainers teaching skills on first or second level - you can meet them almost in every town. I'm going to list only the masters (and not all of them - for example there are more than ten sword masters) and characters teaching you the rare skills.


Paladin - Rhobar (after choosing Innos).

Regeneration - Rhobar (after choosing Innos); Kan the leader of the Orcs in Faring

Master two weapon fighter - Ugrasal from Ishtar

Large weapon III - Hogar from the Wolf Clan (after duel); Ugolf from the Hammer Clan (after doing quest for him).

Orc Hunter - Hogar from the Wolf Clan (after duel).

Crossbow Master - Anog from Silden and Marik from Montera.


Bow master -Falk from Silden, Candela from Okara and Bogir from the Wolf Clan

Orc Hunter -Chris from Vengard outdoor, Armon from Cape Dun and Candela from Okar.


Dark Mage - Tizgar from Bakaresh.

Water Mage - Saturas from Mora Sul ruins, Vatras from Lago.

Mana Regeneration - Karrypto from Vengard, Saturas from Al Shedim, Sigmor from Bakaresh.

Learn quickly - Water Mages: Cronos, Merdarion, Saturas, Vatras, Riordian, and also Delazar from Ishtar.

Staff Fighting III - Ateras from Bakaresh, Shakyor from Lago.


Impossible pickpocketing - Peer from farm near Trelis.

Impossible Lockpicking - Lares from Geldern.

Knockdown - Lares from Geldern.

Murder - Ugrasal from Ishtar.


Prew Poison - Aldo from Bakaresh, Delazar from Ishtar, Eusebio from Ben Erai and Rasul from Lago.

Poison Weapons - Aldo, Delazar, Eusebio, Rasul and Esiel from Cape Dun.

Poison Arrows - Aldo, Delazar, Eusebio and Rasul.


Acrobatics -Pavel from Silden, Harek from Cape Dun (if you escorted him to Jens)

Endurance of the Wolf -Pavel from Silden and Torn the druid.

Weakness resistance - Renwik from Geldern.

Poison resistance - Peratur from Geldern.

Heat resistance - Sanuyem from Mora Sul ruins, Tufail from Braga.

Cold resistance - Bogir from the Wolf Clan, Lars from Silden (when you set him free).

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