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Teleporter Runes | Items and characters Gothic 3 Guide

1. Ardea - it's on the table near Hamlar.

2. Reddock - its' in a chest in the southern chamber of Reddock (you have to clear it from goblins for Joey).

3. Cape Dun - it's in the Urkrass' storehouse. You can steal it (while stealing three gold chalices for Serduk).

4. Montera - it's in one of the abandoned huts, near Marik's quarter.

5. Gotha - one stone is in a chest in Potros's quarter. The second is in Gotha in smithy.

6. Faring - you can find it in cave just near the entrance to the city (Rocko digs here). The rune is in the end of the tunnel.

7. The temple in Vengard - the stone is hidden in Gotha. Enter the tunnels in Gotha and go until the end of one of them.

8. Throne chamber in Vengard -Karrypto can give you the stone (it's in his quarter).

9. Okara - the rune is on the stone near the entrance to Okara.

10. Silden -Grompel has one. The second one is in the stone circle near the northern entrance to Silden.

11. Geldern - Hashishi Mirzo has one. The second one is on the stone near the southern entrance to the town.

12. Trelis - it's in the chest behind Beliar's statue.

13. Nemora -Treslott has one. The second is in the chest near the western entrance to Nemora.

14. Braga - Bernado the merchant has one. You have to beat him to get that rune.

15. Ben Erai - first one is on the barrel near the entrance to the mine. The second one is at the end of one of the mine tunnels.

16. Lago - it's near Rasula.

17. Ben Sala - it's near the smithy. .

18. Bakaresh - it's near Silvio.

19. Bakaresh Temple - it's in the temple in one of "living" chambers.

20. Mora Sul - it's on a bench near Bandaro.

21. Ishtar - first one is on a bench near the entrance to the city. The second is near Zuben's bed.

22. Wolf Clan - it's in Ronar's hut.

23. Hammer Clan - it's in Ingvar's smithy.

24. Fire Clan - first one is in the clan leader's hut. The second is in an abandoned hut on the border of the clan settlement.

25. Monastery - it's in locked chest on the lowest level of the library.

26. Xardas's tower - it's in magician's laboratory.

There might be more teleporter runes. It may happen that you find some on the bodies of killed enemies.

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