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God of War Guide

God of War Guide

The God of War returns. God of War Guide on PS4 contains tips for all secrets, collectibles (Nornir Chests, Odin's Ravens), bosses and of course solution for every quest. We've remembered about trophy guide, all favors, treasure maps localization and labours.

Our guide for God of War (PS4) contains all necessary information that will help you complete the game in 100%. Content-wise, this is a large game. It is full of secrets, optional challenges and collectibles - this guide will help you complete all of them. You will find Nornirn chests, Odin's Ravens, Lore Markers or Artefacts. We have created a richly illustrated walkthrough that will help you complete all main missions. You can also find out how to reach secret realms, defeat 9 hidden bosses (valkyrie) and learn the gameplay basics. The God of War returns on PS4 in 2018!

God of War - Tips for start

This chapter contains information about the controls, the basics of the character progression for both Kratos and Atreus as well as the description of the dwarves' shop - here, you can also read about the general tips that will help you at the beginning of your adventure with God of War.

  1. General tips - to help you with your journey. Especially at the beginning of the game.
  2. Character progression for Atreus and Kratos - how to develop Kratos and Atreus stats?
  3. The dwarves' shop
  4. Controls
  5. All trophies list


Please note that during reading you can find some minor and major spoilers. We've tried to write the best possible God of War Game Guide in the world, so some spoilers are unavoidable. We hope that this guide will help you discover all the secrets of the game and enjoy it as much as we did during creation of this walkthrough.

Best regards and stay angry,

Gamepressure Team


In this section of your guide you can find answers to various questions regarding God of War, e.g. how to get the best gear in the game, when you can get access to a new weapon, how to reach certain secrets, how to complete God of War in 100%, how to collect a lot of Hacksilver and experience - and many, many more:

  1. Which abilities are the best? - best Leviathan skills, Guardian Shield and secret weapon skills.
  2. Where can I get better equipment? - There are two important but optional maps to search for the best armor.
  3. Can I continue playing the God of War after I have completed the storyline?
  4. How to complete the game in 100%? - Favours, Collectibles, Labours - what do you need to do in order to maxed out the game?
  5. How to change the controls to the classic control scheme? - well, longing for old Kratos is not a bad thing.
  6. How to unlock all realms? - You start in Midgard and then you go to Alfheim, Helheim and lastly to Jotunheim. You shouldn't miss Muspelheim and Nilfheim in order to craft best armours. Unfortunately, Asgard, Vanaheim and Svartalfheim realms are not available in God of War (PS4).
  7. How to permanently increase health and rage?
  8. Which elements of equipment are worth crafting? - tips essential for surviving.
  9. When is the best moment to explore the game's world?
  10. How to get a lot of experience and Hacksilver? - grinding in God of War!
  11. How to defeat a Troll? - first troll is hard but wait when you're meet the second one!
  12. How to destroy the boulders that block passage?
  13. How to open weedy, entangled chests? - you saw these chests that can't be open? Check our guide to learn how to open them.
  14. How to open a chest with runes (Nornir Chests)? - in order to open Nornir Chests you need to find three hidden runes.
  15. How to fight the Ancients? - the Ancients are hard enemies in God of War (PS4). Check out our tactics.
  16. Is diving available in the game?
  17. How to use fast travel option?
  18. How to easily find Odin's Ravens?
  19. How to get new levels?
  20. When can I get other weapons?
  21. How to perform finishers?
  22. Can Atreus die?
  23. Will Kratos die? (spoiler alert)
  24. How to unlock the secret ending? - Does God of War has secret ending? Well, it has, but it's not so obvious as it sounds.
  25. How to get Smouldering Ember? - crucial and rare material for crafting in God of War.

God of War Walkthrough

This chapter of our guide contains a very extensive and richly illustrated walkthrough for God of War's main storyline. You have to complete 17 complex missions during which you will visit different realms: Midgard, Alfheim, Helheim, Jotunheim. Below you can find the list of all maim quests available in the game:

  1. All quests and missions in God of War PS4.
  2. The Marked Trees
  3. Path to the Mountain
  4. A Realm Beyond
  5. The Light of Alfheim
  6. Inside the Mountain
  7. A New Destination
  8. The Magic Chisel
  9. Behind the Lock
  10. The Sickness
  11. The Black Rune
  12. Return to the Summit
  13. Escape from Helheim
  14. A Path to Jotunheim
  15. Between the Realms
  16. Jotunheim in Reach
  17. Mother's Ashes
  18. The Journey home

God of War - Secrets and collectibles

This chapter is dedicated to the secrets available in God of War. Here, you can find a richly illustrated guide that contains descriptions of all realms and locations of all the secrets: Odin's Ravens, Artefacts, Lore Markers, Legendary Chests or Nornir Chests. Thanks to our guide you will be able to complete each location in 100%.

  1. Basic information about secrets in God of War
  2. Wildwoods - first location, Wildwoods contains some important secrets like Odin's Raven and Nornir Chest.
  3. The River Pass
  4. Foothills
  5. Alfheim
  6. The Mountain
  7. Thamur's Corpse
  8. Helheim
  9. Tyr's Temple - or Tyrs Vault contains only 3 lore markers, 2 legendary chests, 1 Nornir Chest and 1 Mystic Games. Check out our walkthrough to find all secrets.
  10. Muspelheim and Niflheim

God of War - Shores of Nine

This chapter is the continuation of the previous one. To make navigation easier, we have created chapters that describe secrets which are divided into regions located near the center of God of War's map.

  1. Before you start collecting secrets
  2. Forgotten Caverns
  3. Isle of Death
  4. Iron Cove
  5. Watchtower
  6. Light Elf Outpost
  7. Volunder Mines
  8. Stone Falls
  9. Cliffs of the Raven
  10. Landsuther Mines
  11. Fafnir's Storeroom
  12. Mason's Channel
  13. Buri's Storeroom
  14. Veidrrgard
  15. Council of Valkyries
  16. Northri Stronghold
  17. Konunsgard

God of War - Labours

Labours are special challenges available in God of War. They are side missions that can require you to, e.g. defeat a certain number of enemies. This chapter contains descriptions of all Labours - the most important ones have separate chapters dedicated to them. Thanks to this walkthrough you will be able to quickly reach hidden chambers, discover all Jotnar shrines and save three hidden dragons.

  1. Hidden Chambers - there are 7 hidden chamber and you can find one in every realm. Our walkthrough shows exact location of hidden chamber in Wildwoods, Foothills, Alfheim, The Mountain, The River Pass and Helheim.
  2. More Than Myth (Jotnar shrines)
  3. Free Dragons
  4. Light of the World
  5. Other Labours

Side quests and challenges in God of War

Besides the quests described above, you will be able to find even more challenges. The following chapters contain information on how to reach the hidden bosses in God of War, you can read descriptions of all the Labours, learn how to find all treasure maps, discover secrets of the two hidden realms - Niflheim and Muspelheim and read the walkthrough that will help you find and defeat all Valkyries.

  1. Treasure Maps - we've described all treasure maps in the game: If you're looking for treasures, check this chapter. You can find here locations of: Hunter's Kingdom, The Boat Captain's Key, Don't Blink, The Turtle's Tribute, Island of Light, The Last Place They'd Look, Kneel Before Thor!, The Historian, Finder's Fee, Creation Island, Dead and Bloated,
  2. Favors - all Favors walkthrough in God of War. You're looking for solution? Here you can find tips to following favors: Unfinished Business, Second Hand Soul, Fafnir's Hoard, The Realm of Fire, The Realm of Fog, Prove Your Valour, Muspelheim Trials, The Anatomy of Hope, Dead Freight, Hammer Fall, Otr's Imprisonment, The Flight of Farnir, Hail to the King and many more! Tips will help you to start the favor quests and will help you to get the rewards.
  3. Niflheim - Niflheim is one of two optional realms in God of War - this chapter will help you to reach and unlock this realm and complete it in 100%.
  4. Muspelheim
  5. Valkyries - they're angry, ugly and bad. The're the hardest bosses in the game.

God of War Video Guide

In addition to the guide, we have prepared almost 100 films with tips and secrets localization. In our video guides you can find exact location of Nornir Chests and hidden chambers as well as many puzzles and riddles solution. Of course we've remembered about valkyries, trolls and other boss fights. We've also shown you all craftable armours, pommels and talismans. All videos you can find on Guides Gamepressure YouTube channel.

God of War in a nutshell

Her you can find a few most important information about God of War.

  1. God of War is another installment of a popular third-person action series and is one of the most important exclusive titles available on PlayStation 4.
  2. The new God of War is a very long game and it offers about 30-50 hours of gameplay depending on whether you want to discover everything or not.
  3. This God of War is focused on plot. You will see the process of creating a bond between Kratos and his son, Atreus. At first, the pacing may seem slower than that in the previous installments - however, the game later gains momentum and players will encounter more and more dangerous dwellers of the Nordic world.
  4. Kratos uses his Leviathan axe throughout the game but later he will also get another weapon. We don't want to spoil the fun here - the only thing we can say is that the combat system and the combination of the two weapons is extremally satisfying.
  5. You can spend a lot of time on exploring the world and discovering various secrets. Certain locations and even whole realms are completely optional. A great example of that are Muspelheim and Niflheim - both realms offer a lot of content but you don't have to visit them to complete the main storyline.
  6. Character progression is a newly added feature - you can upgrade the main character, buy new moves, upgrade gear and modify attacks with runes.
  7. As for the difficulty, everyone will find something interesting. The default difficulty level can be challenging while the highest levels are reserved for the most skilled players. Battles with Valkyries done on higher levels resemble more challenging fights in Dark Souls.
  8. The game is full of Nordic mythology which is conveyed perfectly. We can listen to tales, meet interesting characters and visit different realms.
  9. Currently, this is game has the highest rating among all PS4 exclusives. The quality can be felt everywhere - God of War is a polished title that offers a memorable adventure even for the most demanding players.

God of War update 1.15

Another day and another patch for God of War (PS4) released by Sony Santa Monica. This patch is numbered 1.15 and, just like the previous patches, it introduces smaller fixes. The official bugs, as stated by Sony, that have been fixed with this update are "Added UI fix" and "God of War version 1.15 added stability and performance improvements". In other words, the update 1.15 fixes errors related to the user interface and improves the game's stability and its overall performance. Sony continuous supporting its game by releasing new patches every day that improve the performance of the already good game. To download patch 1.15 simply turn on your PS4 and have it connected to the Internet.

God of War update 1.14

On 25th April Sony Santa Monica released the God of War patch labeled with number 1.14. Similarly to the previous game updates, the only annotation describing the patch content is the following statement: "various bug fixes and improvements". In other words, bugs have been fixed and improvements have been implemented. However, there aren't any patch notes or changelogs available. It is worth noting that besides the small 1.14 update, there is a big patch in the works that will introduce a new Photo option, where Kratos has the ability to do a selfie (with a smile!).*

God of War update 1.13 - what is new?

The newest installment in the God of War series is a wonderful, refined and successful game, but every rose has its thorns. A new patch, signed with number 1.13, was issued today, on 24th of April. This is the third update since the game's release and it's clear that Sony developers are working really hard on their new product. What are the contents of patch 1.13? Santa Monica didn't make any list available, but instead the studio has reported that the patch corrected some bugs and introduced a few invisible improvements. Let's recall that the previous update - patch 1.12, introduced improvements in font size. The font was too small to successfully read it on TV and update 1.12 fixed this issue.

How long is God of War?

The length of God of War depends on your style of play. God of War on PS4 is much longer than the previous versions of the series. This time, in order to complete the main plot itself, it is necessary to devote about 20-25 hours of gameplay. You will also visit several worlds: Midgard, Alfheim, Helheim and Jotunheim. However, the developers have tried to place a lot of additional content in the game - except the main plot, you can fight against hidden Valkyries, search for Odin's Ravens, explore numerous islands in the area of Shore of Nine. Thanks to this, the overall game time is significantly increased - in order to complete the game in 100%, you have to spend at least around 50-60 hours.

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About God of War Guide

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last update : April 19, 2018

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God of War Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • platform: PS4

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